Monterey Aquarium

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Of course a big draw to Monterey was taking Nora to the Monterey Aquarium! We planned a whole day for it and it was great! Nora was just really getting into animals and she loved it! And it's a beautiful place for adults too so we were all happy.

Family selfie in the dark


My loves :)

This was the penguin area and this penguin was obsessed with her! It kept swiming back to her! People even gathered around because it was so obvious that the penguin was flirting with Nora! 

With her penguin boyfriend! 

Just hanging in a clam! 

This room was breathtaking. A HUGE wall of glass into the tank with a giant school of fish and sharks in the dark. Seriously mesmerizing! Photos don't quite do it justice! 

Then there were rooms full of jellyfish! Big ones, small ones, and teeny tiny ones. I was in love! 

She loved this "touch" area. 
She did try to eat this shell though and they discouraged that. Can you imagine?

Making friends with a hammerhead! 

This was a circular room where the fish swam all around you! So cool. 

This room simulated the tides and Nora was obsessed with the big swooshing noise. We did it so many times and THEN decided to get it on tape and of course, she seems less interested on tape! 

We took a break in the middle and went for fish and chips on the pier and it was perfect! Then we went back for the afternoon. And obviously Nora took a great nap after all that excitement! 

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