Port Aransas Girl's Trip

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Since we don't see enough of each other we decided to go on a girls trip in September! It actually was a much needed momma break for all of us since no boys or babies were allowed! We headed down to Port Aransas for a little 3 day getaway and it was perfect. We ate junk food, stayed up way too late and recharged our batteries. I swear there is little that can't be fixed with girl talk, Mexican food and some fresh air! I sure am lucky to have these ladies (and my other ladies-2 girls trips in 2 weeks, I am so spoiled!!) in my life! We rented a little VRBO and it had a nice pool and wasn't too far from town.

This was my first time away for a night from Nora! I used this weekend to officially wean her! She had been nursing just about 1 time per day and it wasn't super consistent. We thought since I would be gone anyways this would be a good time! Jason and Nora had a great Daddy Daughter weekend (separate post to come). It was hard to be away from her but also a nice little bit of freedom! We still FaceTimed and I got to see her cute little face.

And now for the most selfies you have ever seen....It's a talent, really.

Allisa, Cami, Amber, Kasee
I was very excited for the top bunk!!

Seafood for our first meal! 

Pizza for dinner! 
Cami and I are being "on a date" here! 

Brownie sundaes that were on point! And Amber's beautiful face!

It's not Fiji but I'm grateful that we have Texas beaches just a few hours away! 
My "wish you were here" face to Jason :)

Selfies in action

We are being "birds" in this shot. Except Amber didn't get the memo. hehe

Candy shopping

If you ahven't noticed the theme here we mainly ate, went to the beach/pool and sat around chatting (and no photos of that!) 

Swimsuit Models! :)

Catching some waves! 

Love this happy action shot of the "huge" waves

                                                   Maybe the only real photo of the 4 of us! 

FaceTime with my little sleepyhead! 
This was my first time away from her for more than just 12 hours! 

We are planning these girls trips until we look like these girls! 

Goodbye selfie on our balcony with great lighting! 

Cami must be wearing her shades....

Our last selfie at Texas Roadhouse on our way home! Perfect trip ladies! 

When can we go again?

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