Daddy Daughter Weekend

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Ok I'm passing the torch to Jason to talk about his first weekend alone with Nora while I went to Port Aransas with the girls!

We left early that morning and Jen was awesome to watch Nora for a few hours while Jason worked in the morning. They are selfie pros!

Then he took Nora to her 15 month doctor appointment! (My first one to miss) This is Jason... Kasee was very disappointed that Dr. Spellings didn't ask about where she was. 
 Her percentiles are starting to creep up, but her head is still staying really small. She gets that from her mother.

We spent every night out in the front yard. Nora loved running around and playing  with the toys.

We chased the ducks. Nora was obsessed. We also played on the big toys at the playground. 

We took a man trip the chick-fil-a. Nora found her way to the top of the big toy. Lucky for me she wouldn't come down so I got to go up the big toy as well.

 Bath time!

This girl is great at finding her nose.

You don't wear Jordan's to church???

Reunited and it feels so good (for Daddy too)!

Happy that Mom was home!! 

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