Jason's Birthday

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Jason, as always, requested a low key birthday this year! All he wanted was a road bike! (As if that's low key!) So no gifts from anyone except towards the bike! But we did celebrate with some burgers with friends at P Terry's and of course, the birthday clown made an appearance. I hope I can speak for the birthday boy when I say that his favorite thing is just being with his girls and we had fun watching General Conference, going to the Round Rock Chalk Walk and being together. O and going to Trey's birthday party! Nothing better than celebrating with a 2 year old :) He's such a good sport he never makes a fuss. I love him so much-even more now that's he's 31 years old!

Trey's birthday party fun!  

The birthday boy with his new bike! He is thrilled about it! 

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