4 Kids + One Weekend

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Our friends Cami and Juan went on a 10 year anniversary trip to New York and they asked us to watch their 3 kiddos while they were gone! We were happy to party with these cute kids but it was eye opening having 4 kids for sure! We were pooped at bedtime each night.

So Saturday they left super early and I went to hang out with the kiddos for a few hours until Amber picked up Maya and Amelia. Then we took Oscar back to our house for the day! We did meet Amber and all the kiddos at Hat Creek for burgers and that was fun. Then afternoon naps before heading back over to the kids' house to be in charge of their 3 and Nora. Bedtime was definitely crazy getting 4 kiddos ready! There were stories and milk and singing and figuring out who slept where and I was happy when it was over. But the kids were all so sweet and such fun to hang out with. The girls stayed up later than they were supposed to talking and they prayed for Mom and Dad to bring them home presents! (ha!)

Sunday morning we were rocking things! We got all the kids bathed, showered, dressed and to church on time! All the kids were dressed correctly and went to primary and nursery. Then we made it home with all kids for nap time and quiet time. We did much better with dinner and bedtime the second go around! Jason went home to sleep because he had to get to work at like 6:30am and it was easier to sleep in his own bed at our house- it seemed like a simple thing to let him sleep at home right? Wait for it.....

So in the middle of Sunday night, Amelia came to me a few times saying she had a tummy ache. I assumed it was nothing and told her to go back to bed. She came back again and I asked her what her Mom normally does and she said rub her tummy so I did. She went back to bed and was okay. Then Nora was crying lots in teh night and i assumed it was because she was sleepign away from home. Finally I figured something was weird because she was crying too much and was too sad. So I went to get her and instantly smelled vomit. She was totally covered in it and it was all over the pack and play. :( So I cleaned her up best I could and then got her in a bath (she smelled awful!) and had to get her cleaned up before the other kdis were up (this was probably 4 or 5 in the morning). She seemed was tired and clingy after that and obviolusly not feeling herself but we watched cartoons and drank water and she was doing better. Maya and Amelia did manage to sleep through all of this but I knew Oscar would be up soon and when he was-he was also covered in vomit! Poor kiddos. So I got him up and started laundry for both cribs laundry and the kiddos clothes etc. Jason stopped by on his way to work to bring nora new clothes and then he left me with 4 kids! ha!

When Maya and Amelia woke up, Amelia had a stomache for a few hours and eventually threw up and had the big D. Oscar did too. So I kept doing laundry over and over and trying to keep all the kids and the hosue clean and it was crazy! Eventually they all seemed to feel okay and I handed the kids off to Jen to come over as it was her day! I felt bad leaving her with sick kids but I was exhausted from being up all night with them and Nora needed to get home and get better too!

Needless to say that was a horrible end to a great little weekend but who knows what happened? I thought it was food poisoning but the doctor thought it might be some kind of bug. Luckily everyone ended up okay and it's a pretty hilariously painful story to tell now! Let's just say we need to go on an awesome trip and cash in our friend credits, right Cami? ;)

Fun times! 

 Morning snuggles on the couch! 
 Smiles from this kiddo
 Nora wasn't cooperating for a full family selfie
 Our surrogate kiddos for the weekend!

 Nora and Oscar got to play the first day while the older girls were playing at Amber's house! 

 How cute are these two buds?

 Oscar kept calling Jason "dada" so we sent these photos to Juan to tease him! 

 This one melts my heart for sure! 

 We had the Cavs over to the Macias house for pizza and hanging out since we couldn't leave! So then we had 6 kids in the house! Crazy fun.

Momma Kasee
 Little buddies in the bath! 
 All handsome and ready for church! He makes me excited to have a super cute boy one day! 

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  1. Friend points for sure! I still can't believe you went through all that. And all alone. Oscar is so smiley in all these pictures for you and it makes me excited to see a Thomas boy one day!!!