Wednesday, December 16, 2015

This year for Halloween I was so excited to dress Nora up! I inherited this little blue gingham dress from a friend and I knew Nora would be the perfect Dorothy!! I hunted her a white shirt, little white bows and socks, a little basket with doggy and I made her ruby slippers! She loved carrying her little basket and Toto around and it was so sweet! She melted our hearts as Dorothy.

We wanted to do family costumes so I turned into the Wicked Witch and Jason was the Cowardly Lion! Holidays just really are so fun with our little sweetheart.

Dorothy, Cowardly Lion and The Wicked Witch (hence my face)

On Halloween, we gathered our friends together for a little pre trick or treating pizza party at our house and it was so fun! We gathered the kiddos for a photo before we left and it was too funny. Trying to get a dozen kids for a photo is challenging! Nora liked trick or treating but definitely couldn't keep up with the big kids. We casually walked house to house and she would hold out her bucket. But she would then often hand the candy back. Or she would sign to the person asking for more! Often she got more  because people thought it was soooo cute! But at every door my heart swelled more with how fun it is being her mom. 

We did a couple other fun Halloween things like the city's Fall Festival where they had donuts and little games and Nora loved it!

We also went to the downtown Round Rock Hometown Halloween event and Nora loved dancing to the live band!

Happy Halloween! 

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