Umlauf Sculpture Garden

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

At the end of the summer we tried to get a few more things off our Austin bucket list. I've heard the Umlauf Sculpture Garden mentioned many times and it's free all summer long so we decided to go! The park contains sculptures from noted 20th century American sculptor, Charles Umlauf. According to the website..."Art and nature meet in serene harmony. The xeriscape garden, with its waterfall and streams muffling the sounds of traffic, gives visitors a peaceful place in which to contemplate the sculptures or their own thoughts." We just loved that it was so beautiful and quiet and just right in Austin! There is also a small indoor museum too but we didn't risk going in with tornado Nora but maybe one day. :) It was pretty warm but we ended our outing with a McDonald's ice cream cone so that made it all the more bearable. 

We definitely recommend an afternoon stroll when you have a chance!

 Beautiful sculptures

 Nora loved riding around in the stroller and especially loved the entire section of animal sculptures. 

 The Kiss! Umlauf's interpretation of Rodin's The Kiss (my most favorite sculpture on earth) is a beautiful piece and definitely ranks up there with my favorite style. 

 How delicious is my little mermaid? 

 We had so much fun exploring! Love her happy self. 

 Scrunch face cuteness!!

 I love the lines of this ballerina. Gorgeous. 

 Nora was reading the brochure to us. 

Exploring the grounds! 

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