Summer Pool Days!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Nora and I were at the pool multiple days a week this summer! Mainly because it was super hot and our friends were there...NOT because Nora ACTUALLY liked the pool. She really didn't. She mainly thought the purpose of the pool was to eat snacks and I tried everything to convince her otherwise to no avail! Maybe next summer we will have better luck?

She looked cute in her swimsuits though so I guess we will count that much as a win? Ha!

These first pictures are actually an afternoon at the local splash pad which she seemed to enjoy more but was still apprehensive!

Popsicles at the pool with friends! 

Cute friends lined up for the jumping game! Nora is in the purple hat. 

Just eating snacks on the table! 

Love her bonnet and swimsuit! My favorite tutu one. 

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