Park City Thomas Family Reunion

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

This year the Thomas family decided to do a summer vacation to Park City after spending the Fourth of July in Pocatello.

We rented a cabin up in the woods of Park City and it was beautiful! 3 stories and a great house although a lot of stairs for Nora so we had to get creative to keep her out of trouble! She was just barely taking a few steps at this time!

One day we went out on the Lake and rented Sea-Do's! It was a lot of fun. We all took turns watching kiddos and hanging around and enjoying the nice weather. Nora especially enjoying playing in and eating the rocky sand.

Cute cousin Shay 

Happy cousins
I see a lot of Jedd in Jason! 
Handsome Michael
Karen LOVES when I take her photo! 
Cute pregnant Erin! 
I can't handle Quinny's cuteness! 

Back at the house we enjoyed good cookin', playing games, dancing with the kiddos, and just chatting about life.

 This is a tricky game of Simon Says! 

Snuggly cousins 
Grandpa Jedd couldn't get enough naps and snuggle time with sweet Ivy
Love this man of mine! 

The girls wore their matching rompers on this day to Park City! Too bad it started pouring rain and was freezing-ha! 

We enjoyed some good pizza in Park City and I about melted 
after Shay and Nora had this tender hug. 

Could she be any cuter? I can't stand it! 
My favorite people! 
We walked around downtown Park City too and did some window shopping and of course stopped at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. 

The whole family together! Don't mind our naked baby I think this was right after dinner! 

Grandkids photo! How cute are they? Karen and Jedd are so lucky! And Nora's so lucky to have cute sweet cousins. We only wish we saw them all more often!

Thanks for a great trip family! We love you! 

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