"Baby Swap"

Monday, November 2, 2015

Awhile ago, some friends of mine started rotating dropping off their kids once a week for a couple of hours. When Nora was about 6 months old they invited me to join and I was more than happy to say yes! The other kids are about 8 months older than her but she just recently reached a good age where the ages matter less (she was definitely more of the baby to them and need more individual attention before). The idea of the "swap" was to give us a couple hours to ourselves kid free to do whatever we wanted. It started off as a break for me but the older Nora has gotten the more I have loved it for a few reasons: 1. It's so great for her to get playtime without me around! 2. It's good for her to have me drop her off somewhere and see me leave and be OK with that 3. It's great time for me to work out or run errands (and it's guilt free since I know she's having fun with friends!)

So  I host 5 little ones at my house every 5 weeks! I seriously love hosting as much as I love having time to myself because the kids are buds and love each other.

We spend our time playing, reading books, having a snack and breaking up little fights over toys. It's always fun!

 When I'm ambitious I try to get chores done with the kiddos. Here they are "helping!"
 Snacktime always provides lots of entertainment. Everyone must have the same amounts and everyone needs their water cups and everyone eats at different speeds and it's all very entertaining. They often end up sitting here making faces and laughing at each other. And I end up laughing about how silly they all are!

 This day they were playing happily but Nora was wanting my undivided attention bringing me books (but not wanting the other kids to read them with us). So it's not always perfect but I think it's good for her. She will have siblings and that will be the same struggle!

 I always love when the other ladies send photos of Nora and the kids having fun at their houses. Here Nora is steering. I love to see her happy (especially without me!). 

 Attempting coloring. Nora thinks "coloring" is eating crayons for now. ha. 

 The kids always bring me toys and show me how they can work them.
They are so proud of themselves! 

 This is by far the favorite activity at my house: spinning in my glider. They giggle and giggle and Nora loves it too. We can fit a lot of kids! 

Here's Nora when she was little. She would often nap when the kids were over even but now I always keep her awake to enjoy playtime. 

It's been such a great experience for us, we hope it keeps going and going! 
Thanks Allison for starting it up! 

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  1. Trey loves the weeks when he gets to go to Kasee's house! He loves you, and loves laughing with you and being silly. You're the best. And how we love that Nora baby.