Austin Aquarium Visit

Monday, November 2, 2015

Austin has a little local aquarium that we decided to visit this summer! Nora is in the "obsessed with animals" stage and we thought she would like going to the aquarium. We had a good time but I think the zoo/pet store (or literally a walk around our neighborhood) are more up her alley so she can see dogs and cats! Fish weren't necessarily her favorite but they also had birds and lizards etc. and she liked those for sure. We went in August so she was 14 months old in these photos. 

 I did love this magical bubble entrance!! And so did Nora. 

 Speaking the fish's language!

 This photo makes me laugh! She was so curious about this shark but she looks terrified here! 

 This was a big touch tank where you could touch the rays and it was so cool but scary! I was trying to be hardcore about hand sanitizer since she would want to put 
her fingers in her mouth afterwards-ew! 
 They have little nooks for kids to explore and see the fish up close!

 She was definitely fascinated by the fish but I don't think she totally got that they were animals like at the zoo? 
 They have an aviary room where the birds fly around and land on you! 
Nora was completely entranced. 

 This photo made me nervous! She just hung out by the snake but it was eyeing her! 

My other favorite photo from the day! Looking for Mr. Turtle. She's so tiny and cute. 

We just love these little family outing days and love all that Austin has to offer! 

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