This is the Place Park with Grandma Sue

Friday, October 30, 2015

We got to spend a few fun days in Utah with Grandma Sue and Grandpa Don in July! One of the days we went to "This is the Place" Park with Grandma and it was a blast! I loved it. I think Nora did too? Such a cool place and I had never been before!

We walked around, had lunch, ate ice cream, rode the train, saw a Native American dance show, ate donuts, walked on stilts and just enjoyed a lovely day together! It's a whole pioneer city and it was so fun exploring and wandering around. We will definitely have to go back as our kids get older and can really understand it and enjoy it.

 I was so proud I even got up for a second! Jason was able to walk around a ton! 

 Watching the Native American dances! 

 Their costumes, dances and chanting were awesome! Nora was totally enthralled. 

 It's hard to tell but she LOVED riding the horse and was happy! 

 Nora loves her Grandma! They are so cute together. 

 Watching the dances! 

 I'm obsessed with these selfies! So much happiness! 

 This is Nora's model pose! 

Thanks for the fun day Mom! We loved it!

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