Utah Trip with Grandma and Grandpa

Friday, October 30, 2015

We were lucky enough to have a few days with my parents in Utah a couple times this summer! Here are the highlights:

It was great weather so we played in the backyard a lot! Nora was obsessed with the birds and Grandma and Granpda would take her around to show her all the plants and flowers.

 Grandma had some fun toys! (she is shirtless since this is after dinner!) 

 Playing the piano with Grandma

 She loves those flags!

 Mom and I went to the library for "Cuddle time" and we all loved it. 
Songs and stories and TONS of kids :)

 We had lots of fun puzzling while Nora slept! 

Puzzle masters!! Don and I are the pros :)

 More piano with Grandma! 

 Playing with her new garden tools!

 Her floral dress and her obsession with balloons! 

 More puzzling and pretty sure Nora's got a vanilla wafer that Grandpa gave her. He spoils her!

 Reading with Grandma

 Swimming in the backyard pool! 

 Backyard and popsicle fun!

 She was obsessed with these balloons and had to hold them even while eating! 

 Mom and I went on a bike ride! She's a pro and showed me the ropes :)

And finally, we went to the outlets and did some shopping! Mom and I found some good stuff! 

 She was just learning to walk in July! 

 Making pancakes with Grandpa Don! 
 Just doing some light reading! 

 No trip is complete with a Scheel's trip! Nora loves the fish there. 

Good walking skills!!

Another great trip for the books, can't wait to see them again soon! :)

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