Nora the Baby Model

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

This summer while we were in Utah for family visits, our friends who own a super cute bib business asked Nora to be one of their bib models. Of course we couldn't refuse and it was a really fun experience! Nora did well overall since she would do some photos and then take a break and play with kids who were on break too. It was fun chatting with other moms and seeing our little beauty shine.

Her photos have been rotated out on Amazon right now but here and here are the two sets that she modeled for! See below for how it looked when you could see her photo on Amazon. We love Copper Pearl "bibdanas" so thanks Steph for including us!  Nora was 13 months old (almost 14) when these were taken!

Here's a behind the scenes: (obviously Nora was having a horrible time! :)

And here are the professional photos from Yellow Finch Photography.

 Probably my favorite! 

How cute are these girls?

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