Nora's Birthday Fun!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

I wanted to document the other parts of Nora's birthday since it was a few days of celebrations!

We started with her birthday party on Friday night! We had a big backyard barbecue with all our friends and my Dad came to town too! You can read all about her birthday party in this post.

Here's Nora with her balloons for the party!

Then Saturday morning-her real birthday we set her up with the birthday clown for some photos! She obviously loved it! She also wore her little birthday tutu!

Then we headed to Chuy's for her birthday lunch! 

She loved eating rice and beans and chips and we had a nice lunch with Grandpa! Win for all :)

After lunch we headed to the nice new HEB by Chuy's for some exploring and to pick up a few things! We played in the toy section for a litle while. 

Ignoring my super weird looking arm in this photo. I love how happy we were. I was just so happy that day to celebrate Nora and that we have been parents for a year! Seriously this little girl brings us constant joy. We were having a blast even just rolling around the grocery store! :)

Then we headed home for naps and resting before waking up to open presents! 
Mimi and Grandpa got Nora this little musical set and she loves it. We had it open less than a minute before she was shaking the maracas and banging them together.
We use them for babygroup every week!

She loved playing with wrapping paper and new toys!

I got her this shape sorter because it was one of my favorite toys when I was a kid!
She is starting to like it and it's so fun! 

Uncle Jay and Aunt Jess sent Nora this sweet puppet from Cambodia! She loves it.

 She loved stuffed animals from Grammy and Grandpa too

 And of course, playing with boxes and maracas!

 Grandpa showing her how to work the cymbals!

 Facetime-ing with Mimi and Grandpa Jedd

Love capturing a bit of the personality of this girl! 

Karen and Jedd also got her this basketball hoop (but really it's for Jason and me!) Nora can now do baskets though when we lift her up and it's pretty cute. 

After presents we headed to the pool as a family! 
Happy parents!
She loves flying in the air!
Family selfie. I seriously love these photos! 
It was so fun having my dad in town for Nora's birthday. 
Sharing special moments with family is the best! 

Then on Sunday after my dad left we had a tiny birthday celebration with just our family of 3. She opened her cards from Great Aunts Betty and Helen and she loved playing with them! 

Lastly, we got her this tunnel and she loves to go back and forth through it. Pure joy! 

Nora, we love you so much! This first year of parenthood has been amazing and that's because you are the sweetest spunkiest little sweetheart around! We are so happy to have you in our family! We can't wait to celebrate you every year! 

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