Paddleboarding on Lady Bird Lake

Monday, June 29, 2015

Jason and I (but mainly Jason) have been wanting to go stand up paddle boarding downtown on Lady Bird Lake ever since we moved to Austin almost 4 years ago!

We finally made it happen last Saturday by getting a babysitter during the day (wild I know!) and using a Groupon he bought. We brought along my old waterproof camera and took all these pictures. We had a lot of fun learning how to paddle and we even got pretty good. Once again by "we" I mean Jason. I was pretty good in the beginning but got slower over time! Maybe my arms were tired? I was barely moving by the end (but I was good at standing and I wasn't too scared overall)! Jason would sit and wait for me to catch up though, sigh. But we had lots of fun nonetheless and loved seeing Austin so lush and green and being on the water. Plus it was an overcast day in the 80's so that was wonderful instead of it being unbearably hot!

 Multi million dollar homes on the lake


 The best photo of us on the water together- I was afraid to fall in!

Such a fun Austin date :)

After paddleboarding we headed to Freddie's Place-an iconic Austin outdoor eatery. Little did we know that Freddie is retiring in 10 days so we were able to eat there before it closes down! Jason got their famous Chicken and Waffles (pretty darn good!) and I got their Frito Pie (less good) along with some queso (yum!). It was fun to sit outside and enjoy a meal without Nora.

By the end though we were ready to go home and see Nora! Plus it's always fun to see that she does actually miss us when we aren't around :)

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  1. Yay I love when you update your blog! This looks like it was such a fun day! And those million dollar homes will be ours some day, don't you worry :) I'm excited for us to all go together sometime so our husbands can leave us together!!!