Nora iFavorites 10-11 Months

Monday, June 29, 2015

Here are our favorite photos from when Nora was 10 months old from April-May!

 Found her with her legs through the slats! 

 Causing chaos from the pantry
 My happy girl!!

 Cheesy smiles! 

 Aren't you supposed to eat Ipads?

 Silly face!

 Maybe one of my favorite photos of us ever!! Love her. 

 She loves Violet!!

 Isn't this how you are supposed to ride in the cart?

 Water baby!

 Hanging with friends in the pool!

 Model baby

 Riding in the baby cart at Trader Joe's

  Someone found the Kleenex!

 Hanging with Mimi when she came for a visit! 

 Playing with Dad at church!

 Mohawk baby!

 Nora's Sunday Best! 

 Post bath crazy hair!

 I love when she wakes up this happy!

 Naked bath time!
 What is this cheesy smile???

 Someone loves Amber! 

 Hanging with Susan and Levi!

 Bringing this girl shopping is getting harder and harder!

 Messy face!

 Reading books
This is one of the first times seeing her "play" and I love it! It's so fun to see her turning into a kid. :)

 Nora's Sunday Best! This is a dress we bought Nora when I was pregnant and we were on our cruise! I remember trying so hard to decide the color and size and I guess we picked the perfect one! :)

 Sad about something!

 My little laundry helper

 Hanging in the library tub!

 Her first pigtails!

 Muffin papers galore. 

 Love this outfit!!

 One of my favorites! Isn't she perfect? :)

Watching Daddy do yard work is so fun!

We love you Nora! 


  1. I love every single one. What a happy baby, you guys must be the best parents!