Nora iFavorites 11-12 Months

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Our favorite phone photos from May-June when Nora was 11 months old!!

 Visiting an event with Mommy's old work!
 One of my favorites of these two!!

 Someone likes Mommy's homemade pouches!

 Waiting for our flight in DFW!

 Hanging out with friends during dropoff! 

 Crawling with Daddy!

 Playdate with Landen and Atlas! She wanted to play a little too much with him! 

 Lunch at P Terry's! 

 Remotes are so yummy!

 Playdate with friends to the therapeutic gym. Nora was still a little young for it but I'm excited to go back when she can enjoy it more! 

 She was NOT a fan of the ball pit. Can't really blame her.

 Pure happiness is eating turkey! That smile melts my heart! 

 Keeping an eye on things in the front yard!

 Wearing a tutu and hanging with Mickey!

 Don't you like to carry yarn in your mouth?

 Cutest cart rider!

 Visiting the Memorial Park in Round Rock on Memorial Day

 Hanging with Dell during Sunday School

 Sharing snacks during church!

Nora's Sunday Best!!

 Hanging in their favorite chair! 

 Having a ball going through Mom's diaper bag.

 Enjoying music time with friends! 

Playtime with friends at music group! 

 Daddy spoiled her with a balloon at the grocery store! 

 Soapy hair, don't care!

 Why are you taking my picture again Mom?
 Daredevil baby

 Loves her walker and is so good at it! 

 Hanging in Dad's truck!

 Playing with Dad

 Blurry but I love this photo of her!

 Nora's Sunday Best!

 Reading the Mom book with Momma!

 Cute grass baby!

Reading books with Tim and Trey!

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