Saturday, July 4, 2015

Every week I scour the Free Fun in Austin emails about what fun things there are to do in Austin that week! A couple weeks ago, this one caught my eye!

I mean I live in a house full of redheads and I thought it would be so fun to go celebrate them! So we headed over on Friday night and had delicious burgers and fries at Phil's Icehouse (our favorite!). Afterwards we headed to Gingerfest!!

They really had this! It was roped off and everything so I stood on the outside and talked to them across the rope! But it was so fun to see redheads bonding! 

This girl's Dad was a brunette and we started talking, he said, "I feel a little discriminated against! Don't you?" We had a good laugh that this must be what it normally feels like for Gingers being in the minority! I also talked to this girl (one of a set of twins!) Mom and she told me the sweetest story. She said her daughter had told her before that she just wanted to have brown or blond hair like everyone else! But when her mom told her about Gingerfest she was so excited to go be around other redheads and was proud of her hair color! :) Too cute. 

We ate "ruby red grapefruit ice cream" and enjoyed the festivities. "Cupcake" performed and it was very entertaining! 

Then they had all the redheads get together for a photo before the contests began! This photo made me happy!

Nora was the first kid in the kid's redhead contest! People loved her and cheered while Jason walked her around. It was such a sweet moment for both of us as parents!

Her competition!

And I may not have red hair but I was there so it had to be documented with a selfie!

And finally, here's Nora making her red carpet debut! 

We had a fun time and these kinds of events make me love Austin even more! 

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