Extra Kiddo for a Day

Monday, June 1, 2015

A few months ago, my good friend Jen and her husband went on a babymoon to Cancun! They left their little guy Trey with us for a day and with some other friends for a few days. It was fun trying my hand at having 2 kids!

It was really fun to watch the kids interacting but definitely more work for me!

We started the day with some playing and hanging out at home! Trey loves Nora and likes to hug her and give her kisses! Nora likes it...some of the time.

They were having fun I promise! 
 Watching them play was so cute!

I made them lunch and put them both down for naps. Phew!

After naps we all headed to Sam's for some samples and shopping. It was like having 2 little birds with me! They each would want a bite and then beg for more! 

After dinner was bathtime and thankfully Jason was home to help wrangle kiddos too! This was Nora's first bath in the big girl tub I think! She liked it and and it was so cute! 

Finally it was time for jammies and getting ready for bed but I sure had fun with my "extra kiddo."

Makes me excited to have another baby....one day! But then Nora will be the big kid, crazy! 

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  1. And we are so grateful for you!!! Trey loved his stay with Worwa and Saysee!