Nora's First Easter

Monday, June 1, 2015

I can't believe how many things I've almost missed documenting on here! Easter was so fun this year with Nora.

Our first Easter activity was our neighborhood HOA Easter Egg hunt that I put on with our social committee. We had donuts, fruit, a petting zoo and an Easter Egg Hunt. O and the Easter Bunny! Aka our good friend Matt! :)

Jason "assisted" Nora in grabbing the eggs "hovercraft" style! She liked to have one in each hand and bang them together. She had a lot of fun but then needed to head home for a nap!


Next was our ward Mommy playgroup Easter egg hunt that my good friend Cami put on in her backyard. There were tons of kids and moms and we did a hunt in the backyard and then some breakfast foods! It was so fun and I'm so happy to have so many wonderful ladies around during the day to enjoy being a mom with!

 Nora and Dell-they are just 5 week apart!

 "Collecting" eggs 

Some of the gang of mommies!  And lots had already left :)

Sunday morning we gave Nora her first Easter bucket. It had some treats for Mom and Dad and books and toys for Nora. We think she liked it :) 

Easter evening we had about 20 people over for Easter dinner! We did a big potluck and it went great. You know I love throwing a party! It was raining on and off but we managed to have it outside (it would have been tight inside!) Of course I was distracted and didn't get too many photos!

 Jason's Grandpa's Carrot Cake-delicious! 

Nora enjoying her first Peep!

It was a great Easter for us and for Nora and we can't wait until next year when she should really understand it! Grateful for our Savior and his Resurrection that blesses our lives each day. 

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