Nora iFavorites 6-7 months

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Here are our favorite phone photos and videos from December - January when Nora was 6-7 months old!

What is this pursed lip face? hehe

Post bath smiles! 
Our little photo shoot in the leaves! 
At the park! 
Oh my goodness, I love this forward leaning smile! 
Nora's Sunday Best! 

Sweet counter sitting girl 
6 months with the cutest smile and a drooly chin! 
She did great at her 6 month checkup-such a good baby! Although she was small for her age! 
All bundled up for a winter walk.
Playing in the bathroom while Mom or Dad gets ready in a pillow protected zone!
Starting to like baby food! Carrots I believe :)

Her first ponytail!

Just hanging with her main man Trey! How cute are they?

Christmas party as the Baby Jesus
Supporting Daddy at his half marathon!
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
Cuddling (somewhat cautiously) with Oscar at the Georgetown Tree Lighting

Walking around "Bethlehem" and Jen photo bombing! 

Falling asleep in the car! Sweet girl.  Poor neck. 
Tired girl on her way to Utah! 

Sweet Daddy time. 

There were lots more pictures from this month 
but you have seen them in all our other Christmas posts! 

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