Our First Valentine's Party!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Nora and I decided to be brave and host a kid friendly Valentine's Day Party. Nora was really the one pushing it, so I decided to go along with her.

My friend Jen and I hosted together and it turned out so well! She did the games and I did the decorating and we each helped with food and Valentine's.

Valentine's Bag decorating station. I wish I snapped a picture of when 10 kids and moms were crammed around this table! It was too funny but the kiddos loved it. 

We did some fun kids games like a "heart walk" to music and a "find the heart" game. The older kids mainly got the games but it was still fun.

 This was attempting to get the little kids involved in the "heart walk." Honestly, all the games were hilarious and I just loved all my friends and their kids and the chaos that ensued. Good memories!

After the games came teh Valentine exchange and it was so cute to see the kids go around and deliver their treats to each other! (Thank you Jen for that face!)

 Nora woke up just in time for the Valentine exchange and some photos!

 What it looks like when you try to take a kids group photo (!)

 Slightly better than the first one but honestly this is how it goes and it makes me smile!!

I mean, not all kids can be THIS cute. :) But I may be biased! 

 Maya finally got in a photo! She was boycotting the main group photo earlier. 

And our little couple. Together. :)

And a selfie with Amber and Allisa to prove I was there! Unfortunately, I didn't get many shots of my adults friends but that's okay.

A couple of thoughts about my first kid only party can be summed up pretty quickly:


But it was the best kind of chaos. 

It was kids running around having fun and laughing. It was moms chatting and the occasional tantrum. It was definitely different than my typical party! But I thought-this makes me feel so happy and so fulfilled! I'm where I need to be and doing what I need to do as a stay at home mom. Sure- I used to plan events for 500 but I'm pretty sure I had a lot more fun with this one for 15 kiddos and the benefits were tenfold. I look forward to the next time I have a bunch of kiddos running around and making me wonder if I've thoroughly kid proofed my house enough.
 It's a good life I have with my Nora. Special thanks to Jason for making this lifestyle possible. Without him working hard every day for our family I couldn't be home savoring these special moments with Nora (and one day other kiddos!).  

Thanks friends for coming, it was such a fun day! 
And thanks to Jen for co-hosting with me (again, no photo!)

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