Nora iFavorites 5-6 months

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Here are our favorite phone photos from when Nora was 5-6 months old from November to December!

Trying on her first coat! And yes, we bought it. Yes, it's super cute. Yes, she hates it now. ha.

Riding in the cart! One of her first real times. This was a hard day I remember although you can't tell from this picture! I think she was happy for a few minutes but fussy the rest of it! 

Starting to be a good sitter!

I'm in love with this smile and that outfit. Too too cute. 

Again, I still love this sweater and that face! Too bad she won't sit in the bumbo anymore!

This was such a fun day. We went to Ikea and shopped around and she did great! She loved looking at all the people adn things and it was so fun. I loved this day with her.

Cool tongue moves!

Sleepy baby

She just looks so sweet! Love those sleeping hands especially. 

She had just become a real sitter here! So grown up! 

Playing with her play food. She looked way too old to me here- "Don't worry about me Mom, I'm just playing with my toys."

One of my favorites of these two cuties. Love love love them together!
 And those boots. My goodness. 

Another cute winter shot! 

Grandma sent her this nativity for Christmas and she was seriously obsessed with it! It sang and lit up and has lots of people and animals and she loves it. 

Someone got a big girl high chair!

That overbite. I just want to eat her! 

Such a happy girl! 

The first true girl outfit we bought after finding out we were having a girl! 
Polka dots and yellow corduroys.

Laughing at Jason's Deli during lunch with Dad! 

One of our first selfie smiles together. It's these moments as a mom that are the best!

That's her "aw gee whiz, I love you too!" smile

Definitely this was the age where I felt most like she was becoming my little friend and we could just do stuff together and have fun. Love my little girl. 

Her first food! Bananas. She was definitely unsure. But loves them now. 

Jason was so excited to feed her! 

Doing her upside down time with Dad! This girl loves to be upside down!

Gnawing on some broccoli!

Baby butt crack. Hehe. 

One of our first playdates with our little friend Holland. 
Sometimes they both needed to be in my lap!

One of my favorite selfies in Grandpa and Grammy's RV. Her face is so sweet. 

Putting up the Christmas tree! Such a sweet moment with Daddy. 

Such a happy girl!

Her first Thanksgiving!

Just hanging with her little friends on Thanksgiving outside. 

Sitting on the stoop like a big girl. 

More nativity fun

Another favorite! Cutest onesie and smile. 
At the Georgetown tree lighting

Meeting Santa and pulling his beard to make sure it was real!

Our unsuccessful attempt at a Mommy daughter photo

#1 BYU fans and future husband and wife :)

Nora's Sunday Best!

We love you Nora!

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