Nora's Valentine's Photos

Sunday, March 1, 2015

I did a little photo shoot with Nora for Valentine's this year and I loved the results! She is my beautiful little model and so far hasn't gotten tired of this attention!

I set up a little background in our living room and did a few different shoots with her. These hearts were made by my friend Cami for my baby shower last year and I hoarded them because they were too cute to throw away and I'm so glad I did! Also this chair was my Great Grandmother Edwards' piano teaching chair so that's pretty cool too! And I found that cute Janie & Jack romper at a garage sale for $2 so it's a win win win! 

She was our cutest Valentine!

 This is my favorite and what we sent as our Valentine!

And then I did another little photo shoot that I liked less but was still cute with this naked baby! 

 My favorite shot! 

We love this sweet girl. Our most favorite Valentine! 


  1. Cute girl and cute pics!! Love little red heads!

  2. I just ordered prints of my cute kids to put above my piano. We can have the heart backdrop all year round! I love these pictures of her. Her hair is the perfect color and I love to see it get thicker and longer. She is a real beauty.