Utah Christmas 2014

Saturday, February 7, 2015

After our Christmas at home with Nora we packed up and headed to Utah to spend a week with Mom and Don. Jay and Jess and Uncle John joined us too. We had a good little time and it was so fun to see everyone with Nora.

Our whole family together! So wonderful. (Taken on my new tripod I got for Christmas!) 

There were a lot of sweet moments with my family and Nora, they loved playing with her and were always concerned if she was crying or unhappy.

She really starting eating solids while we were in Utah so it was fun to set her on the counter and feed her applesauce or peaches. She was a big hit sitting on the counter eating each day and provided quite the show.

Bathtime was also fun as we figured out where to put her! My Mom's sink ending up being perfect and Nora just lounged around and everyone woudl stop by to say hi and see her cuteness.

Freshly bathed baby + those eyelashes = heaven!

One of the best days was when, after Nora woke up, I got her up and snuck her into Mom and Don's room. I set her on the floor and didn't tell my parents she was in there. I watched through the crack (just in case she needed anything!) and my parents didn't notice her for a few minutes. Then my Mom looked down and saw her on the floor and exclaimed, "Well what are you doing here?" She thought it was the cutest thing and kept talking about it for days, how little Nora showed up on her floor one morning.

We did lots of other fun things too like having the Tate ladies over for lunch to meet Nora. It's always great to catch up with them when we come to town! 

 I very proudly made this vegetable tree (it was harder than it looks and my fingers hurt afterwards from poking all those toothpicks!). 
 Nora had to take a photo with her redheaded Aunt Julie!

One night we took Nora to meet our old Texas friends who live in Utah now. It was so fun to catch up and for them to see her! We had a great time just chatting and eating soup at Steph's house. We miss them in Texas but it's always great to see them on our Utah trips!
 Andy is quite the ladies' man!

 Lindsey, Steph, Me, Jen

 All of our kiddos together. So fun to see them altogether and hilarious trying to take this picture. 

One day we went to Scheel's with Mom and wandered around enjoying all the photo spots. We also helped Santa pick out a few gifts! 
Nora genuinely loved it there with so many people and things to look at!

 Feeding Nora to the bear!

 Just hanging with some skunks

 Meeting Santa at Scheel's

Reppin' her Cougars!

 Another big day we stopped by Home Depot with Jay and Jess and Nora, as always,  loved riding around in the cart. I think she should be a cart model, don't you? :)

We had Christmas morning as the biggest family I think we have ever had (since adding Jess and Nora). I love watching other people open gifts and it was so fun hearing all the thoughtful stories behind the gifts. We took a couple hours to open gifts and it was a wonderful day!

 Nora was a fan of the wrapping and some new books!

Who needs new pajamas when they come in a way cooler plastic bag?

 My brother had a Home Depot/ tool themed Christmas and he was excited... if you can't tell!

The best present!

Mom played Christmas carols on Christmas and Nora was totally enamored with her playing. I couldn't have been happier in that moment as we sat together, 3 generations. Those will always be great memories. 

And some final cute pictures. My Uncle John used to be a dairy farmer and he loves John Deere (or we just love to buy him John Deere themed things!). I found the cutest pink John Deere overalls for Nora and so I brought them for her to wear over Christmas. Seeing them together was the best!

But the best part of all of Christmas was finally catching Nora's super adorable laugh on video. She thought us saying "Achoo" was literally the funniest. Enjoy!

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