Nora iFavorites 4-5 months

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Here are my phone favorites from when Nora was 4-5 months old from October to November!

 Sending her love to Uncle Jay! 

 Falling asleep in the car with the headband on the eye. So cute. 

 Her signature finger sucking position

 Out to the "Chalk Walk" with Daddy

 This may be one of my favorite photos of her ever. So so sweet with that hat. 

 The cutest chef I know! Cutest onesie courtesy Aunt Jess

 Sweetest sleeper

 Wiggling her hands out of her swaddle

 Looking at the solar system at the doctor's office!

 Family selfie in New Orleans

 Nora's Sunday Best at Regan's House!

 Jason combed her hair like this and said she looked like a boy. 

 She loved grabbing my arm this day-it was so cute. 

 Enjoying some Popeyes on our way to New Orleans

 Getting beignets at Cafe du Monde! 


 Enjoying some time outside with my baby! 
Another of my favorites. Just a sweet moment with my baby girl.

 Loved this outfit

 Hanging with her little friend, cluck cluck.

Loving the bumbo

Stare down!

Father daughter bonding

 Her first time riding in the cart!

 A day at the pumpkin patch!

 Nora's Sunday Best!

 Baby in a laundry basket!

 Starting to wean from the swaddle-one arm out

 Attempting a Mommy Daughter selfie...we get better at them soon!

 Cute hat!

 Happy happy girl!

 Loving these overalls!

 She fell asleep in the bouncer!

 Trying some shose on her that are still way too big! But how could you resist that smile?

 My cute pattern mixing girl!

 Nora's Sunday Best -courtesy Uncle Michael and Aunt Camie

 I think this coat was a little big!

 This outfit + that smile = love

 My little cupcake at the Fall Festival! People thought she was soooo cute :)

 This girl. 
More smiles at the ward Trunk or Treat!

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