Jason's Half Marathon

Sunday, February 8, 2015

I finally got Jason to write a blog post in his own words:

I had been dreading the big 3-0 for a long time. 30 just sounds a lot older than 29, right? When I turned 30 I knew I had to do some sort of event to prove to the world that I was still young. Since I had a hurt my elbow from rocking Nora in her carseat (#30yearoldproblems), I was limited to running only. I decided running a half marathon would be a good way to keep me young. I talked it over with a couple friends that were doing a local race in Temple, TX and decided to take the plunge. I was a little nervous as the race was only 6 weeks out and I was only logging about 2 miles a week at the time but I knew my 30 year old body could handle it. I was right but only barely. I knew I would have to increase my mileage quickly to be able to get to a long run of over 10 miles before race day. I put together a running schedule and vowed to stick to it. 2 weeks in I got sick. It was the same sickness I got right before Nora was born. I couldn't stand and I had problems keeping any food or liquids down. I got over it but I wasn't able to run that entire week. The following week things were looking up and I got back to my running schedule. I battled through unseasonably cold temperatures and felt pretty good about the race with about 3 weeks to go. Then I hurt my foot. I'll always remember this morning because when I finally decided that my foot hurt too much to run any more I was 3 miles from home and had just come face to face with a wild hog on the running trail (yes, an actual wild hog. It stared at me and wouldn't let me pass). With only a few weeks until the race I decided to rest my foot and do all my workouts in the gym on the bike and elliptical. Lucky for me the heavens smiled upon me and the day of the race I had no pain. Zero. I went in with a goal of 2:10 given all the "issues" I had leading up to the race. I finished with a time of just over 1:53. I was greeted at the finish line by my 2 beautiful girls. A perfect ending to a good race.

Good thing this photo is zoomed out. I'm exhausted coming into the finish line.

Mom made a little shirt to help Nora cheer me on!

Our friend Amber finishing the race. Who smiles at the end of a half marathon???

Nora says let's go home Dad! 
The End.

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  1. Go Jason!!! This is just dedication. So many reasons along the way to give up.