Idaho Christmas 2014

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

After our Texas Christmas and our Utah Christmas we went on to spend the traditional, 25th of December with Jason's family in Idaho.

It was a calm day compared to year's past since it was just Jedd, Karen, Jason, Brady, Sierra and me. We slowly went around opening presents and hearing the stories behind them and I loved it. Nora slept for part of it and then joined to sit in a big pile of wrapping paper.

 Nora enjoyed her stocking stuffers :)

 The cutest newlyweds! 

 Karen and her new purse from Jedd

 She was a good present opener!

After a few days just the 6 of us, the rest of crazy train arrived! 4 more little cousins and the rest of the family and things were more "normal" of what we are used to holidays being like. It was harder than usual with the cold weather for the kids to be inside all day but we did lots of pretend time and watched shows and Nora seemed to deal with it all pretty well (although she woke up for night feedings unlike at home but I couldn't fault the little thing).

 Just being cute in the famous Mimi chair

 This picture doesn't show it but she was seriously obsessed with Brady!

 Cutest outfit and smile ever while shopping at Fred Meyer

 Cute cousins at the Mexican restaurant! 

 More of her fan club! 

 Nora's Sunday Best in the sweetest dress Mimi got her

 Bathtime in the kitchen sink!

 Just playing with Mimi and Moosy

 Sleepy morning with the cousins!

 Cousin Carly loved asking to hold Nora. It was almost the perfect fit.

Just hanging with Grandpa Jedd

We did plop her in the snow one day since I bought her this snowsuit for like $4, we had to get our money's worth! She didn't really know what to think but seemed to be fine with it! ha! 

Nora and Daddy (who looks like a ski model, right?)

We had a fun trip and it was wonderful to see all of our families and Nora felt especially loved. I'm so glad she has great grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Merry Christmas! 

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