Christmas with Dad and Carol

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I have one final Christmas post and then I think I can move forward. Phew.

I couldn't forget Dad and Carol's Christmas! It was just a little disjointed so I saved it for last. Dad and Carol came to Austin before Thanksgiving and we had a little Christmas with Nora then. Then we had a Christmas with them again with Jay and Jess at the end of January so this is a compilation of both of those!

Dad and Carol drove their new RV down from Dallas and stayed at an RV park just about 3 minutes away from our house. It was great because they had their own space but we got to see them lots! Carol wasn't feeling well the first couple of days so she isn't pictured much but she was indeed there! 

 Nora analyzing Grandpa when he first arrived!

 We went to Sam's and I'm not sure who loved it more-Dad or Nora! 
They were like two peas in a pod rolling around Sam's. 

 One night we got a babysitter and we all went to a nice dinner in Austin. It was so nice to catch up and to be able to talk baby free. We went to Russell's Bistro in Austin 
and the food was divine so that didn't hurt either! 

 The next day we had a little Christmas with Nora! This was truly her "first Christmas" but since it was in November it was kind of cheating ;) 

 She loved her helicopter that Grandpa Wes and Grammy C got her

 And a bag for the family-we love this and use it all the time! 

 Carol got her an octopus that speaks the colors and numbers in French, English and Spanish!

Everyone had fun playing together :)

 I just love these two together. It melts my heart! 

One day we went to the outlet mall with Dad and we put this hat on Nora. 
Not only did she love it but she looked so cute!

On their last day we went to Torchy's and ate on the patio and it was perfect weather. We had such a good trip with them and are so happy they came to visit! 

In January we went to Dad and Carol's for just about 30 hours so we didn't take a ton of pictures but we did get to meet their new dog Zoe. Nora definitely was intrigued by her! 

We also went to the gun range with my dad which was really cool (although I was a lot more scared than I thought I would be!). He has some cool handguns that we learned how to shoot and it was especially great bonding time for my dad and Jason which always means a lot to me. 

There aren't any photos for this story but it's too good not to document.

Nora was napping so Dad, Jason and Jess headed to the gun range. She woke up shortly after they left and so I headed to meet them. The gun range had horrible cell service so I was having a hard time calling back and forth with Jason. Nora and I got to the gun range and I was getting her out of the car when I noticed there was some poo on her onesie. I was already worried because I didn't have all the baby supplies with me I normally did because they were in a room that Carol was napping in when I left. So I made a makeshift diaper changing station in my car. Before I even started undressing her I knew that this was a huge blowout. Nora's been constipated lately so we had given her some prune juice that morning and I guess it worked. Like really worked. Since I knew it was going to be super messy and we were outside in the car I called Jason to come help me. He didn't answer because of the bad cell service. So I called my brother and he came outside to help me. So grossest of gross it was literally the most poop I'd ever seen and my poor childless brother had to help me! Of course, I was also almost out of wipes and didn't have any more with me. Needless to say, we used all the wipes, her clothes were covered in poop and I had no backups. Jay had to go into the gun club (p.s. this is a super nice gun club like a country club which is why I didn't want to do this inside!) and ask for a trash bag but they only had the huge black kind which was hilarious for 1 diaper and a bunch of wipes. Anyways, so finally Jason emerged from the gun club to find me super stressed/thinking this was hilarious to find our naked baby in the parking lot. Jason was ready to help though, he let me go with my dad to shoot and he went to Costco and bought Nora a new outfit. He said he did get some funny looks bringing our diaper clad baby into the store (in January nonetheless) but there were also some parents who gave him the "I've been there man" speech. Anyways, Nora never even noticed this whole ordeal. Jay and I got quite a laugh out of it and Jason missed most of the action but it made for a great story for the weekend! 

 We also got these delicious burgers one afternoon! Yum!

We just got one picture together but I love my big brother! 
He and Nora were so cute together
 (and Jess too but we didn't get any pictures of her either!). 

We are so blessed with so many great family members we love! 

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