OFFICIAL Pumpkin Patch Photos

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Yes, we are those parents. We went to 2 different pumpkin patches 2 different times in 2 different outfits. But we are fully trying to embrace fall and the memories it will bring with it. Nora is such a little trooper-she lets us sit her on pumpkins and hay (although she protests that one much more!) and will give the biggest smiles with just a little coaxing from Mom and Dad.

She's melting our hearts a little more and more each day as she becomes less and less of a baby. She loves to stand, is dying to sit on her own and is very very aware of what is going on around her. She doesn't snuggle much anymore unless it's bedtime and even then she is usually doing her whine that means "put me in my crib to sleep now please!"

But these pictures made my day to have her so happy. Mimi sent her the onesie for Halloween and Grandma sent her the cute witch hat. Thanks for assisting with this cuteness overload!

And world's cutest baby Halloween costume to come!

Ok now think of these next photos as one of those little flip books as her emotions change....

 Nora the Witch!

 Just to show the scale of how small she is!

 Family photo!

This is like a stock photo right? I was pretty proud of this one!

Happy Halloween from this cutie!! We love this girl.
Taken on Monday October 27, 2014-Age 4.5 months

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