Elgin Pumpkin Patch Visit

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

One of the things I remembered being excited about while I was pregnant last fall was that next fall I would have a 4 month old. And now that time has come and it is the best! My friends have always told me holidays are more fun with kids and it is totally true. I know Nora won't remember all this fun but it has brought Jason and I such joy. We love dressing her up and bringing her places with us, she's our little friend and we love her so much.

We got a big group of our friends to visit the Pumpkin Patch with us last Saturday and it was a blast! It was definitely warm but we had fun taking pictures, riding the hayrides, trains, playing tether ball and just hanging out. It made me grateful for sunny days, great friends and my sweet Nora.

 She did not like the feel of the hay so she wouldn't set her feet down.

 She can grasp things now and reach for things. She usually likes to stick them in her mouth too!

 This is her finger sucking position of choice :) (We call it the Longhorn finger suck)
 Sweetest girl

 First family photo at the Pumpkin Patch!
 The Macias Family
 The Seely Family
 Cute Macias kids with their heads in this little cutout
 Happy girl
 This picture. Daddy and daughter- I love how she's grabbing his face!

 Animals were definitely a bit overwhelming for her!
 Such a concerned face

 We loved the hayride that took us all over the farm

The gang! We had such a fun time with all these cute kids! 

Happy Fall!

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