New Orleans Trip!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Last week we went to New Orleans on a little family vacation! Jason had a few vacation days that we wanted to use up before the end of the year and this seemed like the perfect chance to visit New Orleans. There aren't that many places within a reasonable driving distance of Austin so we thought this was perfect at only 7.5 hours away.

We left after work on Wednesday and made it to Lake Charles, LA (after only stopping for dinner at Popeye's Chicken on the way).

Nora was an angel and slept all the way there and was so cute at dinner-just happy to be out of the car seat and hanging around.

We stayed at hotel in Lake Charles and pretty much just got ready for bed and went to sleep since we knew we had a big weekend ahead of us. Nora slept in the hotel's pack and play (we realized we forgot ours on the way but it worked out!) by the door and slept straight from 10pm-7am. Once she was up, we got ready, had breakfast, met some cool Swedish people at breakfast and hit the road!

We drove straight to New Orleans and got there right around lunchtime with Nora sleeping the whole way there! Victory!

New Orleans is definitely a true city! Lots of tourists, cabs, carriage rides, homeless people, etc. But it also had that fun alive feeling that really only big cities have!

We snapped some pictures right as we arrived and explored before lunch.

Then for lunch we headed to Johnny Po' Boys-which we heard was a local favorite. We both got these huge shrimp Po Boys and they were delicious! Po Boys are really just sandwiches on French bread with a meat choice (fried shrimp, fried oysters, roast beef, crawfish etc.) and then you can choose to get it "dressed" with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.  It was a good start to our trip!

New Orleans really is a cool city with a very European feel. It was fun exploring little streets and looking at all the architecture and culture.

After exploring we checked into our hotel for a break and to unpack. Then we headed off to dinner at Acme Oyster House for a true NOLA meal!

Delicious grilled oysters! Yum!

The sampler: red beans and rice, jambalaya, gumbo & sausage!

Dinner was a little stressful as Nora had a little breakdown and this couple was questioning our parenting (as if we were horrible parents, eating dinner at 5:15pm!). After I recovered from my first "public judging" experience, we walked around with our sweet baby (who had also recovered). We visited some shops and then stumbled on a jazz festival (so New Orleans!) in Armstrong Park. The park happened to have a bunch of hula hoops for people to hula hoop with and it was so fun and spontaneous. One of those happy moments random moments in life!

Friday morning we got up, boarded the trolley and headed to the world famous Cafe du Monde for amazing beignets!

 Walking along the Mississippi Boardwalk- Natchez Steamboat in the background

We made it to Cafe du Monde but there was a long line and worried it would take too long! As it turned out the line was fast, a nice woman offered to take our photo AND we got seats in the air conditioning. Great start to our day! Also we ate fried pastry covered in sugar. Couldn't hurt. 

After Cafe du Monde we hit up the famous French Market. It was fun to walk around but not much that tempted me to buy other than a virgin Pina Colada! And we got a muffuletta for the road!

We relaxed all afternoon at the hotel since Nora was pretty pooped and so were we from lots of walking in the heat! But isn't just hanging around doing nothing part of vacation too?

For a low key evening we decided to order pizza from a local place. We walked to pick it up and then ate dinner in Jackson Square just as a wedding was ending. It was a cool beautiful evening and really was a great end to the day. Not to mention it's always fun to get good photos with our sweet girl.

Family selfie!

Our last morning in New Orleans we headed to Cafe Beignet for you guessed it, Beignets and our tour group met there also. Their beignets were good but we preferred Cafe du Monde's. Their breakfast croissant was killer though-definitely get that! 
I'm in love with this model baby and her pursed lips and the hand behind the head. Too much.

We did a tour of the cemetery with a local tour guide and it was very informative. The cemetery was awesome-it felt like walking back in time. 
It was really hot though so we were ready to hit the road by the time it was over.

We headed out of the city of New Orleans and into the Plantation Country. It was a beautiful drive and it was nice to be out of the city.

We headed to Oak Alley plantation but it ended up pouring rain so we spent our time and money on these crabs instead! We were tired of crab by the end-it's a lot of work!! But we are glad we can say we ordered a dozen crabs in the Louisiana bayou!

The Chef at our restaurant

Then we headed to see my best friend Regan who lives just outside New Orleans! It was soooo great to catch up with, especially since we both have new babies and hadn't met them!

 Nora with Regan's cute 3 kiddos

 Dylan and Nora are 2 months apart (she's older) but they are the exact same size in height and weight-although not head size!
Dylan was putting the moves on Nora.

On Sunday we drove all the way home and enjoyed the Mississippi and Lake Pontchartrain views.
We had a great trip and are so glad we did it!

Nora was awesome the whole way home until about the last 40 minutes when she was like "Get me OUT of this car seat!" She did enjoy the light up tabletop at McDonald's though (we're classy like that). 

We are happy to be home now!


  1. We had pretty much the same stops on our day in New Orleans a few months ago-- Johnnys, Acme, both beignet shops and one more place you mentioned. Its a fun place!

  2. I love New Orleans! Sounds amazing! Sorry about the public judging though...some people's kids right? Who does that?

  3. So many things! I see Jason found your replacement with the statue woman, she's a looker. And the model poses Jason is giving, he should be a model! And that close up of you, gorgeous. The crocodile chef, hilarious. Fun post!