Murder in Sin City-Kasee's 27th Birthday Party

Monday, November 3, 2014

Before my birthday rolled around this year, I knew I wanted to plan a big party-it had been too long! My birthday is always the perfect excuse for me to throw the kind of party I like best-over the top, all night, good food and friends, costumes and no kids. Not that I don't love kids but sometimes adults only is fun!

I decided to do another murder mystery party since we had so much fun two years ago. Everyone dresses up, someone dies, you get to play detective and it's all pretty elaborate. All of my friends were good sports and got very into it. I'm so glad I have friends that indulge my constant desire to entertain! They all were hilarious and such good detectives and actors!

The Murder Mystery pack I bought was called "Murder in Sin City" and was Las Vegas/Casino themed. I gathered all my black, white and red decor I had and tried to transform my house to the Paramount Casino as much as I could!

 Jason was our Blackjack dealer, aka "Jack Black"

 I had to snap these photos before the food was all out since some was still baking 
so the table isn't quite complete!

 People were so excited for root beer in bottles! Keep that in mind for a great party trick! :)

 Jen was loving some IBC
 Our casino host "Ronald Trump" with his awesome comb-over
 "Security Sam" keeping everyone in line!
 "Iguana Trump" staring lovingly at her husband!
 Apparently "Lucy Legs" is the star of these photos! 

 "Paul Piano" & "Hustling Hailey"
 Elvis was looking good!
Some of the Vegas men
 Chatting it up!
 Agent Avery and Cole Conway do some serious investigative work!
 Jess as "Clean Jean" & Matt as "Full House Frank"
Matt won best actor for his awesome accent and ridiculous lines!
 Jen as "Lucy Legs" and Tim as "Elvis"- Don't they really look the parts??
 Cami as "Iguana Trump" and Juan as "Ronald Trump"
 Tyler as "Agent Avery" and Alissa as "Hot Slot Sal"
Jaymie as "Jamie Journalist" and Matt as "Security Sam"

 Jen as "Precious Trump" and Jon as "Ace High"
 Steven as "Jim Bean" and Hilary as "Cole Conway"

 James as "Senator Justice" and Allison as "Jackie Justice"
 "Mimi Martini" & "Jack Black"

Dave as "Paul Piano"  and Amber as "Hustling Hailey"

 The men!

 The ladies!

 The gang! The best shot we could get with the timer! Sorry half your head is cut off honey. 

 And probably my favorite photo of the night and it was accidental! Love ya Jen.

Thanks for coming everyone and celebrating my birth!
Mimi had a fabulous time!

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  1. Kasee you are such a babe, seriously! This was SUCH a fun night. I loved reading through this post and reliving all of it. I don't know why, but these pictures just had me giggling to myself. I think I need to frame that one of Elvis posted up against the wall with his beer...ahem...root beer. Thank you for throwing such an AWESOME party! Happy Birthday Mimi :)