Brady's Wedding

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

After our Scout Mountain hiking day was Brady and Sierra's big day!

We headed to the Idaho Falls temple for a beautiful sealing and family photos. It was such a beautiful reminder of eternal marriage as we watched them kneel across the altar and be sealed for time and all eternity. I always get teary eyed at weddings- it makes me so happy that I found Jason and we get to reminisce about our perfect wedding day!

Not to mention how cute all the kids in the family looked dressed up!

 Cute Carly
 John Boy
 Beautiful Shay
 Miss Quinn and Erin
 Cutest father and son shot

 Grandpa and Carly

It was such a wonderful (albeit hot) day! And it was so fun to be part of our first Hawaiian wedding-we loved the leis, the food, the dancing-everything!
 Coming out of the temple-I couldn't get the perfect shot but I do kind of like this one.

 Carly and Quinn (and Shay) were obsessed with Sierra as the bride. So sweet. 

 Sierra gave Nora a big kiss! 

 Have I mentioned how much I love this girl? Yum.

 Grandma and Grandpa Jolley were so excited to meet Nora!

 I'm kind of in love with this photo. Brady was such a handsome groom!

All the siblings / Thomas family 

 This was the best. It was the nieces/nephews photo but the kids had been waiting a long time and were hungry and hot. Poor John-it would have been sadder if we wasn't so darn cute while crying! 

Wedding Family Photo!

We had a few hour break in between before the evening festivities began! 
It was a super fun night and Nora was a champ being out for a long time 
and putting up with her parent's dancing!

 Mother / Son Dance

 The Bride, Mother of the Bride and Sister of the Bride hula-ing. 
Sierra had a leg brace and still looked gorgeous dancing!

 Brady and his groomsmen did the Haka- so fierce! Please note Jason's face!

 They did great until 10 minutes later a bunch of Polynesian boys under the age of 10 also did the Haka and were way better than all these white boys. Ha!

 Brady and the dads doing the "fruit salad" dance

 Sweaty pictures = fun wedding

 Love these two! So excited for them!

At the end of the night Mimi took care of Nora so Jason and I could do the macarena. 
Totally worth it for all of us :)

Congrats Brady and Sierra! We love you!
Nora loved her first wedding!

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  1. k Nora is such a red head!! I'm jealous of the genes you guys have going on here!! Red headed babies are the cutest! She's precious!