Blessing Baby Nora

Thursday, August 21, 2014

With lots of the Thomas family in town for Brady's wedding, we decided to take advantage and have Nora's baby blessing while in Idaho on Sunday, August 4th. Since Mom and Don were able to drive up from Utah it was great to have so much of Nora's family together on her special day!

In the LDS church, a baby blessing is given within a few months after birth. The blessing gives the baby an official name and also provides an opportunity to give a blessing for the child's spiritual and physical welfare. Since Jason is a worthy Melchizedek Priesthood holder, he along with other family members gathered in a circle and held Nora while Jason performed the blessing in Sacrament meeting. Jason gave her the most beautiful blessing. He blessed her with intellect and health and that she would choose to be righteous. He blessed to her to choose to attend the temple and to be obedient to the Lord. I love that he blessed her "with intellect" and to make good choices-but that they would be just that-her choice. Our most beautiful blessing from Heavenly Father is our ability to make our own choices in this life. [Just to clarify- She was not baptized. In the LDS church you can't be baptized until at least 8 years old, where you can understand what it means and choose for yourself to join the church]

It was simple and beautiful and was so perfect for her. We were so happy to have so much family together and to officially celebrate our precious little girl. We gathered at Karen and Jedd's house after church and had some breakfast casserole and family bonding time....

And of course we took lots of pictures to document the occasion!

 Grandpa Don, Grandma Sue, Mom, Dad and Nora
 Grandpa Jedd and Mimi
 Cousin Shay loves Nora. It was seriously the sweetest thing.
 Daddy's girl
 Family photo!

We just had to squish those cheeks!

 With Grandpa and Grandma Jolley (Karen's parents)
 Everyone who came for the blessing 
(Except the Randy/Jan clan who were helping take photos-they are the best :)
 The Thomas clan
 All the cousins. How cute is it that it looks like we color coordinated them?

 The Connolly Clan
Cousin Maren and Oliver and Aunt Jan!

And a little photo shoot of just our girl since it was her big day!

 That face!

Sweet Nora. We are so happy you joined us. You have made us all so happy. We love you.

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