Austin's Graffiti Park

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A few weeks ago we ventured downtown to see the famous Graffiti park. Apparently, years ago, it was going to be an apartment complex but the company went bankrupt and never finished it. There was all this concrete leftover and it started being a place that local artists graffiti-ed. Eventually it became a famous Austin landmark and it's fun (albeit probably dangerous) to climb all over it and look at all the different graffiti. 

Anyone is allowed to paint/graffiti and I'm sure it would look different every time you went. 

Jason wore Nora in the Ergo carrier and I was continually telling him not to fall with our little 7 week old baby! She did great until the end when she wanted out of that thing!

Now a bunch of graffiti pictures!

 Jason liked the beard guy on this wall

 That's me being HAPPY!

 Jason being hardcore?

 This girl was painting the red and yellow face. Looked pretty cool!

 This is the whole "park." Can you spot Jason?

Flying Nora!

Nora was obviously thrilled to be there!

We are glad we went! We ate at TacoDeli afterwards and had a great Saturday
 crossing off another cool Austin thing!
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