5 Years!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary! It does seem like a lot has changed since then:
  • 2 college degrees
  • 6 moves
  • 3 apartments
  • 1 trip to Europe
  • 2 jobs 
  • 1 house
  • 1 baby
  • Lots of adventure, laughs, smiles, and memories
We decided the main way to celebrate was with....FOOD. Of course. And we have absolutely no regrets about it! 

Jason got me flowers and some decor for our living room that I've been wanting with the sweetest card (it was funny we said a lot of the same things in our cards to each other-true love). I left him a trail of Reese's through the house with something I love about him on each of them. He's supposed to take the whole container to work so they will make him smile daily!

Friday night we went for Sushi and it was our best experience yet! We finally have gotten better at ordering and got delicious rolls and the right amount.

After dinner, we got a Redbox and I made Magic cookie bars since we had those at our wedding and are a favorite of ours. We also decided to watch our wedding video (perhaps the best wedding expense) and it was SO much fun to reminisce about our wedding day and all the memories. It was not only fun but personal to both of us. We loved seeing how young we looked, our sweet wedding stories and all the hilarious dance moves. It was especially wonderful watching it with Nora as I felt that life has come full circle as our family has grown to include this sweet little girl. I definitely plan to keep this tradition each year to remember how far we have come (and to have a good cry!).

Cute baby while watching our wedding video

On Saturday, we ate burgers at P.Terry's before heading downtown to the Blanton Museum of Art at the University of Texas since we had never been before! Jason wore Nora in the carrier and she slept the whole time. It was fun to walk around (in the nice air conditioning) and to discuss the art (or lack thereof at times).

 Little family selfie

 The main atrium-a sea of blue

This was by far by one of my favorite pieces. Not sure if you can tell in this photo but the this interactive art piece has 2,000 hanging bones (cow not human) connected to a pit of 600,000 pennies connected by 800 communion wafers. The artist titled the piece Mission/Missions (How to build a Cathedral) hence conveying the connection/corruption between religion and money and I found it very thought provoking.

 We loved these massive sculptures. 

Jason contemplating art.....

We relaxed that afternoon before taking Nora to her first non-family babysitters -Jen and Tim! We were the first ones to watch their baby Trey so we thought it was only fair! We dropped her off and according to Jen, she was great all night! 

We headed downtown again to La Condesa-a contemporary Mexican restaurant. The food was definitely the best we have had in Austin & it was a nice baby free fancy feeling evening.

 My handsome man

 Mexican street corn covered with cotija cheese, lime and chile powder-delicious!

 spicy guava glazed pork ribs, pickled onions, charred corn-chipotle slaw-AMAZING

 Venison tacos- definitely my least favorite of all we ordered but still good!

Hard to tell but it's a whole branzino fish, garlic-epazote oil, salsa verde, cauliflower escabeche

Then we went to Gordough's for a deliciously fat doughnut. Food coma complete. 
 So our first babysitting was a succses! Thanks Tim and Jen! 
We had an amazing 5 year anniversary and I'm so glad we found each other. Life is good. 

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