Nursery for Baby Girl

Monday, April 7, 2014

By popular request....our nursery reveal! We have put so much time into every detail and I'm so happy with how it turned out. It's bright, practical and fun. And it's the perfect combination of girly and usable for future children not to mention-Jason and I enjoyed putting it together as a labor of love and combines things about each of us that we love. 

 The heart wall colors inspired our other decor. I love them! 

Don't ask us how many times we put these on the wall and repositioned them. I'm sure glad our marriage survived the "heart wall placement of 2014."

 My good friend Cami made me this rag banner for my baby shower and I love it! Don't worry I know it's a choking hazard so I'll move it once she actually sleeps in here but it makes me so happy, I love to look at it!

My parents rocked me and my brother in this rocking chair and my grandmother rocked my dad in it. It's really special since I remember this rocking chair in my room growing up! And I love the fun pattern on the curtains!

This owl lamp was our first purchase for the baby room once Jason let me start shopping! (I wanted to start at like 5 weeks pregnant, ha!) This was a black end table we had that we repainted a coral color that we think turned out great! 
We also painted the wall shelves below the same color.

 Again, a mix of fun and practical on the bookcase. We have lots of books, many from my childhood and lots inherited from friends or from thrift stores.  
My stepdad gave me that piggy bank and I love it!That lamp by the door will hopefully be soft enough for night feedings and is right by the door so should be easy to access.

The empty frames will be filled with a maternity photo (we are taking them in 2 weeks) and I'm sure some photos of our baby girl.   
Jason's mom made us the prophet sign for Christmas and we thought it was perfect for baby girl's room. Right next to her cute red headed father's photo. 
Isn't  Jason adorable as a little kid? 

 I'm mildly obsessed with bows and headbands and it's been fun making them and hunting for bargains. I got this necklace holder on Amazon and it works great for the headbands that I don't want to squish into the jar :) I have all the bows in the closet on a some of my own handmade bow  holders! 


 This mirror is perfect for what I wanted: able to see baby girl on my shoulder and/or see myself in the event of spit up etc.
 I'm sure it will be fun for baby girl to look at and smile too :)

 We are using this dresser as our changing table and we love how big it is for storing clothes and items as well as room to put things on top for quick access. We love the art above the dresser too, the middle one has the name we have picked out but we aren't revealing it yet!

 Love this quote from one of my favorite musicals- Gigi. So feminine and sweet. 

 A little ode to Jason's French and I love all the colors. 

We can't wait for baby girl to come and enjoy her room as much as we love visiting it and filling it with things for her!


  1. I love it Kas!! You did an impeccable job, as always :)

  2. The nursery is pretty awesome. I just love this. the walls by far has to be my favourite thing about the room, and the way you put it all together with accessories like the mat. Love how it all looks
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