32 Weeks Update!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

I can't believe I've made it to 32 weeks! This has seemed like a long pregnancy so far and can't believe I still have 8 more weeks to go! I know I need that time to keep mentally preparing but I'm running out of physical things to do to prepare.

At this point:
  • Nursery is done! All decorations are finished and her closet, dresser etc. are all organized.
  • I've made my own bows and burp rags and that is about all the craftiness I have. I can definitely keep making more but I've taken a hiatus for now. 
  • My back is hurting more and more and earlier in the day. I think sitting at my desk all day is getting harder but I don't know how to avoid it as short walks don't' help (I still need to be at my desk 7 hours to get work done). 
  • I've read 4 or 5 parenting/baby books so far and have 4 or 5 more I'd like to read before she arrives. I really enjoying learning all these perspectives and how babies work! 
  • I get indigestion most nights as I sit in bed. If I can fall asleep quickly, it isn't as bad but it's rather uncomfortable at night. 
  • I'm still doing zumba and signed up for another 4 weeks but I think people are starting to wonder if this baby will pop out while I do my moves!
  • My feet seem to be in a constant state of swelling and if I walk around a lot in one day they blow up even more. It's making it hard for me to have shoes that fit my feet anymore! I sure hope they go back to normal size after the baby! 
  • It's getting harder and harder to get up and down from sitting/bed etc. I guess I get what people are talking about now! 
  • I've become obsessed with garage sales! I've only been able to go a few Saturdays since I often have to work or other things. It's fun finding bargains and saving some money since there is so much to get for a new baby!
  • I'm still enjoying my nightly baths and I'm still sleeping pretty well for now but it depends on the day. 
I have my 32 week appointment tomorrow and then we head to Utah to see family and for my baby shower! I'm so excited!


  1. You're such a cute pregnant lady! I love reading your updates. Which baby/parenting books have you read that you'd recommend?

  2. You look so great and you are so prepared! We at least have a crib (but no crib sheets) there is so much more I have to buy and get done! And only 5.5 weeks for me!