My First Baby Shower!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

I had my first baby shower last week and it was the best! My dear friend Cami offered to throw me one and I was so excited! 

Lots of friends from church came and we had a blast just chatting, eating tons of yummy food, opening presents and playing my favorite kind of games (non cheesy- trivia type!) 

Cami did the cutest decorations in our nursery colors and I loved all of it! It was a wonderful night and I ate, talked and basked in all the fun! I had the hardest time sleeping that night because I was so happy!

 Cami cut out these super cute onesies for people to write notes on. 

The cutest banner she made and it's now hanging on the crib! I love all the fabrics and colors!
 She also made all those cute hanging hearts and pom poms! Love them!

 And Cami made these super adorable Owl cookies and hearts. 

They were not only adorable but delicious!

 Jaymie made yummy pulled pork AND spinach artichoke dip and again, delish!
I have so many sweet friends that helped with the shower! I'm a lucky girl.


 One of the games was a "Price is Right" with all the above baby items, and then I got to keep all of them! I'm gradually feeling more prepared for this little babe!

Opening so many cute girly presents was the best! This little girl will be so stylish! I seriously still can't get over how cute baby girl shoes and dresses are.  

 Cami's daughter, Amelia was my little helper! 

So many cute baby things!! Such sweet friends. 

 This was our second game- A nursery rhyme fill in the blank, everyone was thinking hard!!

So many sweet ladies!

 Just some of the awesome ladies that came! 

My sweet hostess, Cami. Thank you for an amazing shower Cami! 
I loved everything about it! 

Baby girl and I are already feeling so blessed and loved! Thanks to all my sweet friends that came and helped and showered me with love! I'm so grateful. (Jason too of course!)

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  1. That shower was really the best - Cami did such a great job and Jaymie's food was SO yummy! You have such a cute baby belly, and I'm excited to meet your sweet baby!