Utah Visit and Shower

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Last week we were able to spend the week in Utah as our last trip before this babe comes! It was so great to see my family, Jason's family and some friends during out time there. 

I really didn't take any pictures of anything but the beautiful baby shower my Mom and her friend Vicki threw for me since I was busy just enjoying our trip!

But we first spent a couple of days with Mom and Don at their pretty condo in Draper, it was our first time to see it and we loved it! It has a great view of the valley and we loved watching sunsets and relaxing to the view! Uncle John was visiting too so we enjoyed good meals and Shark Tank together! We are so glad we got to see him!

Then we spent time with Jason's family: his 2 brothers Brady and his fiance Sierra and Michael and his wife Camie and our niece Shayla. And Karen and Jedd came down from Pocatello to visit too! It was so fun chatting, playing with Shay and being together. We are blessed to have so much wonderful family.

Saturday we had the shower with family and friends and it was a blast! Read below for more on that! 

Finally, with Mom and Don we did visit BYU and get baby girl some Cougar gear! We HAD to eat sweet potato fries at Guru's too! It was fun revisting BYU and Provo, a lot has changed in 3 years since we graduated (which makes me feel old even saying!). Mom and I had fun doing a few baby projects too-looking for a blessing dress, finding me some comfortable shoes to help my feet hurt less, nursing bra shopping, a DI stop and seeing what little we know about baby stuff (there is so much of it!). But it was wonderful just getting to be with her and be together. Can't wait for baby girl to have her as a wonderful grandma (she gets 2 other great ones as well!).

Mom did a great job putting on the cutest shower for me! We had delicious chicken salad sandwiches, Karen brought delicious fruit, cousin Rondalee brought amazing cupcakes and Aunt Cheryl brought the best cookies! I felt so loved and couldn't believe how many people came to support this baby. We feel so blessed to have great family and friends in Utah and Texas! We didn't do any games, just chatted, ate too much food and opened presents (the best entertainment for all!).

 My fabulous mother who threw the best shower! She thought of everything-fun favors, name tags, cute gifts -the Nordstrom onesie below is from her!
 Jason did help cut croissants before he got kicked out!

 Pretty table! Mom did everything in pastels-perfect for baby girl AND spring!
 My mom put these favors together and Don engraved them with little sayings. Adorable.

 What? You aren't married to an amazing calligrapher? My mom's a lucky lady!

 I was in love with this little piggy and these spring candy corns.
 My mom found these socks and I can't get over them! Can't wait to see baby girl's little feet in them!

 Beautiful berries!

 Ronda Lee's amazing cupcakes!

 So festive! 

 Opening presents is the best! This little girl is going to be very well dressed!
 We didn't get many pictures of presents but I got so many adorable outfits 
and sweet things from everyone!

 All the family and friends who came to support! Aunt Jan drove down from Pocatello-and her son just had a baby girl too! Our little girls will be 2nd cousins and only a month apart in age which will be so fun when they get to see each other. 

And the whole Tate family came to see me which meant so much!
 They are some awesome ladies and it was fun to catch up!

My former Round Rock friends & The Seven represented by Miss Ellen-she is pregnant with a baby girl too! These are my favorite ladies & wish I saw them more
 but it was great to see them for a little while!

We had a great trip (even if Jason had to work during the weekdays, he was a good sport!) and we are getting even more excited for baby girl to join us!

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  1. So glad you got to come out!! So fun to see you and catch up a bit! You better make a visit with the baby so I can snuggle her! Excited for you guys!! Miss you