A Quiet House

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Saturdays are very sacred to me. I'm often working or have plans made months in advance for church, trips or usually overdo haircuts/errands etc.

But due to a bad stroke of luck, our weekend plans were cancelled due to my lovely bout of strep throat and leaving us completely open- a true rarity. 

We went to bed last night and didn't set alarms, knowing we would wake up naturally (Jason, of course, before me).But wouldn't you know it? It rained all night and into the morning and stayed dark-letting us both sleep in until 10am! If you know Jason, this happens 1-2 times a year. And even myself, committed to my weekly Zumba at 8:30am- it doesn't roll around that often anymore. 

So we slept. And we awoke with no plans. No obligations. And a quiet house. 

I have to say one thing I love about our own house is the peace and quiet. No neighbors above or below making noise. No cars constantly pulling in and out of your driveway. It's literally one of my favorites things about this home. Is that at anytime, I can sit and soak up the quiet. Sometimes I have us turn off the TV or music just to enjoy it. And I love my mornings to get ready and the evenings where I tidy up, all in my own peace and quiet. 

So this morning, we savored it. We slowly woke up. Slowly opened the curtains and soaked in the day ahead. And there was no stress and no fleeting here or there. And I loved it. I'm savoring these last few weeks of just Jason and I. We have been so spoiled to be just us for the past 5.5 years! We are completely selfish and still madly in love and we love our time alone together. 

But it's changing. We love this baby already. I never knew what people meant. How can you love someone you have never met? How can you already sacrifice so much for a tiny human that is still growing? How can we love to hang out in the nursery for no reason just to picture our baby girl?
I guess that's parenthood slowly making it's way into our lives. 

And I loved this Saturday. Loved it and will remember it for all the tiny moments we had together - the laughs, the kisses and the quiet. 

But you know what? I'm eagerly anticipating those hectic Saturdays with a baby-jetting from one thing to the next. Those hectic Saturdays with toddlers-trying to keep to a schedule to have fun before naptimes and breakdowns. I'm excited for Saturday morning cartoons to be heard downstairs as Jason and the kids eat cereal while I sleep just a little longer. 

It will be different. It will be hard. But it will be wonderful. 

I know I will miss this lazy Saturday and this quiet house. But I know we are about to experience so much more. 

And I can't wait.


  1. Beautifully said. I'm so glad you had such a great day.

  2. I love love love this post. It's so true, during the prego months, it's such an interesting feeling to realize how different your life is going to be just a few months later. But it really is such a wonderful kind of different. And I must say, it's really helped me appreciate weekends a lot more. And the moment when the little one goes down for the night, it's such a special time to just both sit on the couch and take that deep breath together and soak in that love you have for your little family :)

  3. Such a beautifully written post. Little miss is one lucky girl to have you both as parents.

  4. Oh, I'm so excited for you guys! So many great thing ahead.