26 Weeks and counting

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Here's an update on life at 26.5 weeks pregnant!

  • Baby girl is kicking me a lot! Not super hard kicks but they are getting stronger, more frequent and very noticeable! She just seems to move around a lot inside there! Jason can't feel her quite yet but if you watch my belly while I'm laying down you can see some movement.
  • My back is hurting pretty consistently each day. I take a bath every night before bed and it helps some with the aching as well as relaxing me before bed.
  • Sleeping seems to get harder and harder as I get more and more uncomfortable. I have found a groove for a little while with sleeping with the windows open and with 2 pillows under my head and 1 under my belly but I feel like it will stop working any day!
  • I seem to be on track for weight gain which is nice that I haven't gained too much. 
  • I'm on a crazy nesting streak right now. The nursery is 95% done with just a few little things left. I'm also trying to organize every room, closet and the garage before baby girl arrives. It's becoming compulsive but since it's productive I guess it's not too bad for me :)
  • I do find myself very tired on days when I stand on my feet at work or do endless projects at home, I am definitely not my total normal self as I rarely slow down. I'm trying to be more aware of this and take care of myself and baby by not overdoing it. 
  • It's getting more and more obvious I'm pregnant to people. More people are commenting on my pregnancy which is nice but it's still not totally obvious if I wear my loose maternity shirts. It's fun though that it's starting to be more obvious! I feel very pregnant so I want people to know!
  • Jason and I still trying to figure out a few of the bigger decisions about the hospital, which stroller, carseat etc. but we are working on all of that in the coming weeks and trying to prepare!
  • We registered for a childbirth and a breastfeeding class through our hospital. I'm nervous to start thinking about that but I know I better! 
  • I'm loving zumba right now, I plan to keep going until it's not really possible anymore (there is a lot of jumping so I try to not be too hard on the baby!) Not sure if this has just come with time or if it's related more to being pregnant but I really enjoy going 2 times each week.
  • I'm addicted to eating ice. I can't seem to stop. Not sure what that's about.
  • It's getting so fun to picture baby girl and that we will have a baby soon! It definitely blows my mind and scares me but I'm getting pretty excited that this house will be a little more full soon. I totally get what people say when they say they love their babies already as I do feel a strong connection to baby girl and know it will only get stronger. 
I think that's about all of current musings and complaints right now!  13.5 weeks to go! Crazy!!


  1. I'm so excited for this little miss. There is something extra amazing about your first baby. It really is such a special time (albeit scary) time. Love you guys!

  2. You look great!! Can't believe you are getting so close! It's so fun getting prepared but definitely overwhelming! Can't wait to meet this girl one day!

  3. Compulsive ice crunching probably means you're low on iron! I take a 27mg iron supplement because my prenatal doesn't have any extra iron. Check yours and if it doesn't give you any extra, I'd highly suggest adding iron so you don't feel anemic! :)