Babymoon Cruise!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Jason and I had a great "Babymoon" cruise last week! We wanted to have a last trip before the baby comes and get away, just the two of us. We decided that a cruise was the best way to go on a longer more relaxing trip that was still affordable. We chose a 7 day, 7 night cruise on the Carnival Magic and we had a great time!

We were supposed to leave from Galveston on Sunday around 4pm but the port was closed due to fog so the ship didn't leave until after 10pm. Meanwhile we had to stand in line outside in the cold for about 2 hours and then 2 more hours inside. It wasn't a great start to the trip but once it began we forgot all about it! 

Lots of waiting....

And another room waiting....
The biggest tragedy of all of this was that this was during the Super Bowl so we only saw parts of it. (Although since we were rooting for Denver, we didn't miss much!)

Our first and second days on the ship we spent exploring, laying around outside and of course, eating lots of food! We also did a round of mini golf and some arcade games! We also hit up a comedy show, magic show, and 70's musical to add some entertainment to our days.

 The atrium area where you can see up/down 4levels. 

 It was still chilly the first day as we left the US and headed to the Caribbean! 

 The pool/ theatre area where there were lots of events, movies, Olympics, and dance parties!

I gave Jason a good run for his money at golf!

Then our first stop was Mahogany Bay, Roatan, Honduras. It's an island off of Honduras so it wasn't a super cultural experience (very touristy) but it was a perfect calm day for us. 

 The water was beautiful and we enjoyed swimming, reading books and going on a nature walk! 

We got a super cute baby dress here too and a couple little souvenirs (obviously Jason's favorite part)

Then the next day we headed to Belize City, Belize. The water was too shallow for our cruise ship to dock so they send little boats to pick you up directly from the ship. We thought this was pretty fun and it was cool to see our ship from the middle of the ocean! 

In Belize, we did a shore excursion that took us to Mayan ruins which was really cool and it was really interesting to see so much of Belize on the hour bus ride there. belize is about the size of Massachusetts but only has a population of 350,000! Which boggles my mind. It is relatively poor overall so tourism is a huge boost to the country. We visited the Altun Ha Mayan ruins and took a jungle river cruise.

 We climbed to the top of this one!

 Our tour group

 At the top!

 (We were those little people on top above)
 Our tour guide, Gustavo

Then we headed on our river cruise to see lots of alligators, monkeys and iguanas. It was a lot of fun and again, a really cool way to see the country!


 Another alligator!

Can you spot the giant iguana?

That night was one of the dressy nights at dinner so we had fun dressing up and enjoying our long dinners with our new friends. We were lucky to be seated with 2 young couples (including some newlyweds from Idaho!)

 My studly husband

 It's always fun to dress up! 

 Some of the fun food we enjoyed on the ship!

Danika and Andrew from Chicago and McKenna and Kyle from Declo, Idaho. 

 Jason and Drew are pretty cool. Drew is a comedian so we loved having dinner with him-he always kept us entertained and laughing!

 We loved hanging with these guys-so fun! We did some karaoke, arcade games, a little casino time (with the key grab machine, don't worry I only let Jason waste $3 here) and seeing some (not awesome) shows.

 Our last stop was Cozumel where we went on a Catamaran to snorkle and then to a private beach. It was seriously amazing. We loved snorkeling and got to see fish, coral and sting rays and it was so cool! We also went kayaking and Jason attempted to (being the key word) paddleboard- it's on his list to practice....

 Jason was trying to paddleboard here...better luck next time hun!
 24 weeks on the beach in Cozumel

After the beach we headed to town to shop and grab a bite. I enjoyed my prepackaged Coke and Cheetos since I wasn't allowed (by my doctor) to eat any local foods. And I didn't get sick at all so it was worth it!

We loved the ports but were definitely tired after 3 straight days! Our last day we wandered the ship, watched Olympics and enjoyed lots of pizza, ice cream, and napping.

 Some very fancy fruit loop French toast. Just one of Jason's entrees. :) He fully embraced the multiple entree-eat until you are sick concept :)

 We enjoyed our daily towel animals. 

 Beautiful sunset leaving Honduras I think?

 Did I mention Jason and I were ladder toss tournament champions? No big deal. 
We are just that cool!

On Sunday, we were supposed to arrive at 8am to port but were delayed outside the port due to fog! So we ended up spending the whole day on the ship and gained our lost time the Sunday before back. It was nice to get a little bonus time but it was hard to fill a whole day once you are packed up and it's cold again. We hung with our friends and kept ourselves busy but didn't get home until 10:30pm so we were tired 
but surprisingly rejuvenated for work again on Monday!

We had a great trip and were so grateful to  get to go but what's funny is it made us even more excited for oru baby girl to come! We feel like we are closing our chapter of us just us and starting a new one with our little one and just can't wait!


  1. I loved reading this post! You got great pictures and every stop looked beautiful and fun to explore. And of course you went and made instant friends, you guys are pretty cool.

  2. You look so cute pregnant! I can't wait to see your little girl and hopefully meet her sooner than later! What a fun trip and a perfect getaway! Looks like such fun stops and fun excursions. Hope you are feeling well, you look great!