Dallas Christmas with Family

Sunday, January 26, 2014

After our mini Christmas at home, we headed to Dallas to spend Christmas with my dad and stepmom and my brother and his girlfriend. And of course we got to see my cute niece and nephew and stepsister too.

We had lots of fun making toffee, doing puzzles, playing new games like Smart Ass and Headbanz (I recommend both for groups/families despite the first one's name)

Photos from Christmas Day (I didn't take many as I was just relaxing!)
Baby girl's first bibs from Dad & Carol
I spent many hours trying to defeat this puzzle and failed. haha.
Jay brought Jason and Dad cool knives back from the Philippines where he filmed Survivor.
Cutest outfit for baby girl from Dad and Carol :) Jason is hoping this expression will prove false for her. haha good luck with that!
Did I mention that we got to babysit our niece's lizard for the week? My 4 year old niece Emma went out of town and so we had to watch "Cutie Pie Diamond". I swear, trying to keep that lizard alive kept us so entertained for days. Dad and Jay are cutting up branches here and making sure she has the right kind of water. Dad even went and bought her live crickets! Eek!

One of Carol and Dad's Christmas presents to us was a nice dinner in Fort Worth at Sundance Square and an improv show at "Four Day Weekend." We picked this place called Bird Cafe and it was awesome. We did family style and got to try so many fun dishes. It was my favorite kind of night!
Delicious shrimp and grits
Jay and Jess
Silly Dad
Sorry for the super close ups-my lens can only do close ups :)
Goat cheese cheesecake with cranberry sauce -delish.

Then we had the big family Christmas with Carol's family and it was so good to see everyone! Below is MeMaw with one of my little cousins Skylar. This melts my heart!
My cute nephew Lawson. Love.
Two of my favorite people. These two love each other.
MeMaw and her daughters, Karen and Carol

Most of the family at MeMaw's!

Then we had another Christmas night with the grandkids and did a Christmas Mystery! It was the case of the missing letters to Santa. We each had a role and had to figure out who stole the letters to Santa! We also happened to all wear our matching Christmas pajamas from Carol and Dad so it was a pretty great night filled with lots of memories.
Addy and Kimmy (when did Addy get so sassy?)
The matching family! I'm kind of in love with this photo I'm not going to lie. SO MUCH PLAID! :)

Then for our final day-another gift from Dad & Carol, we went to Reunion Tower (the ball building below). You can eat at the top and see a great view of Dallas.

It had this cool wall of changing lights.

We went outside and it was COLD! AND WINDY! brrrrrr
Jason and his biggest fans. These kids love him.
Not sure where I was looking but this is the only one that turned out. haha
Have I mentioned that I really like Jess? And that she fits right in with our bunch of weirdos. haha :)

The family :)

Grammy C and her grandkids.

Thanks family for  a great Christmas! Next Christmas we will have a little one!

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