Pregnancy Update: 20 Weeks & Gender!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Here is my update at 20 weeks!

I had my 20 week doctor's appointment yesterday and the baby is looking great!
 She was again, confirmed to be a girl so I can continue making baby bows and dreaming of (and buying) cute girly outfits. All of her measurements were normal and no "abnormalities" were found. We are so happy that a healthy baby is taking shape! We got to see her little hands and feet and she was moving a lot! I still haven't felt her move but the doctor said it could still be a few more weeks and not to worry. 

The first outfit we bought when we found out it's a girl

I'm officially half way there now! I can't believe it! 20 weeks down, 20 to go! 

Official 20 week photo! 

I'm feeling much better now that I kicked the cold that had me down for 5 days last week and so far so good this week. 

Jason and I also booked a cruise for our babymoon in a few weeks and we are so excited. It's funny, we realized we haven't actually taken a real vacation together (other than family holidays) since we have lived in Austin (2.5 years). So we are excited to enjoy a week together just the 2 of us where we get to soak up the sun and endless buffets. 

The nursery is gradually coming along and I have some vision but it's not totally confirmed yet. I did get curtains I like and Jason and I found an adorable owl lamp at HomeGoods that was perfect for the space. We are planning on painting a few items in the room once my colors/vision are totally together. For now, we are enjoying figuring out the design together, gradually. I'm way less intimidated by decorating than I am by picking car seats and strollers (how do you ever choose?!)

I'm also officially transitioning to maternity clothes whenever I can. My parents got me some great maternity clothes for Christmas and I feel ready to start wearing those that I don't drown in. Regular pants just seem to dig into much and hurt me and baby. When I can, I wear things I have that are looser and still comfortable so I don't burn out on my materntiy clothes that I will be wearing for the next 20 weeks. But it's fun, new clothes and watching my body change (although it seems to be happening verrrrrrry slowly, at least to me).

Maternity shopping with my brother, Jason, Dad and Carol. We had a blast. 
This is me with a "7 month" belly. Thanks for the cute clothes guys! 

We are so excited for this baby girl. I'm definitely not ready for her to be  here yet but I'm enjoying the journey despite the trouble sleeping, acid reflux, my non belly that looks like I'm fat and being sick for too long. But overall, I feel like it's going really well. Not to mention I have an awesome husband who cooks, cleans, does laundry and treats me like a princess. I'm a lucky girl and so is this baby to have a wonderful father. 

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  1. Love this! So excited. You need to send pix as the nursery comes together. I love nurseries :) And strollers and car seats are the worst . . . good luck with that :)