Kasee's Big Event Round 2

Monday, January 6, 2014

This year, my big event went even better than last year! I was pretty proud of it and especially since I was 11 weeks pregnant at the time (which most staff didn't know!).

I planned the event for months and it sold out before tickets even began! We had almost 500 guests at the Four Seasons and the night went off with only a few tiny hitches and I was so proud! I chose the theme of Happily Ever After and it was adorable. The show featured story book characters and movies and looked great! 

Even better, Jason, Dad and Carol came to see me shine!  I only saw them for 5 minutes since I was busy working but they said it went great too.

I really do love event planning. I wish I could do just big events all the time!

The silent auction area-I coordinated over 200 items! I was happy to see this part over :)

And pictures from once the night began!

 The Dream Team from the Development Team (my boss and my favorite lady Megan)

 When I point with highlighters, people listen. And apparently laugh. :)

 It was a great night! Went SO well!

Here are some pictures from the show I coordinate:-I arrange celebrities, celebrities costumes, dogs, dog costumes, music, etc. etc. It's a huge undertaking but I love it! 

 Mary Poppins with the Banks "children"

 Dorothy and "the scarecrow"
 Shrek and Fiona with the donkey and dragon!
 Snow White and her "dwarfs"
 Peter Pan and Hook!
 A full house! The bubble machine was my touch for the finale of Ariel and "Sebastian". 

 We honored Senator Kirk Watson for his contributions to the animal community. He was so kind and funny too! It was an honor to meet and work with him. 

 The most powerful part of the night, as the bidder numbers rise and we raise money!
 So moving! 

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my work life! 


  1. Everything looks so amazing and beautiful. You are pretty awesome Kasee. I only see events like this on tv!

  2. Wow Kasee! What a production! You did an amazing job, what a fun theme. I could totally see you as an event planner :)