House Tour!

Monday, September 16, 2013

We are all moved into our new house and I have to say. We truly love it. We love the openness and natural light. We love the space. We love having a place to call our own. We LOVE having room for plenty of visitors. We feel very blessed. 

It's been so fun getting it all set up and although I do get what people say about never feeling finished, Jason and I find that to be fun.

Jason is loving (for now) doing the yard and really taking pride in the outside of our home. I work more on the decorations and adding pops of color and personality to each room. 

I'd say we are 95% done which feels really great. 

Now on to the photos! Just FYI, the house was built in 1994, has 3 bedrooms and an office as well as 2.5 baths. We live in an HOA neighborhood and have 2 pools and playgrounds just a couple streets away. We are also walking distance to the elementary school which will be nice one day!

 Jason has since trimmed these trees so we can actually see our house! I'll have to update those photos soon.

The first room on the right when you enter is the formal dining room. 
We are lucky enough to have my MeMaw's table here and it looks beautiful. 
We can't wait to have family holiday dinners around this table one day!

The only furniture we have left to buy are our dining room chairs. I have them picked out but I am trying to practice patience in waiting to buy them!

This sideboard is great for storage and I decorated on top to express a lot of who we are. There are items from our travels, my favorite cookbooks, family heirlooms etc. It feels so "us" in a quirky way and I love that it adds color to the room.

 The office is across from the formal dining room. This is my desk!

My little photos on this board make me so happy to see friends and family on there.

Jason's desk. He likes to practice minimalism.
We love each having our own space to work and the room still feels
 a part of the house and very spacious.
Our breakfast nook where we eat daily.

This is my new food blog station and I love it. I'm able to keep a lot of dishes "props" within easy reach but also use them as decor and to add color to the room. It's seriously perfect.

The home came with a stainless steel dishwasher and stove and then we bought a new fridge to match. We LOVE all of them!
This cabinet just made me happy. So colorful and everything has a place!

Love having a gas range! It is so much nicer for cooking and I feel like I have a lot more control.

I thought this pantry was too small at first but it seems to be working great!
 I have food storage in the garage too so that helps!

Jason was very happy to finally be able to do dishes and watch TV again too. I'm not complaining either since he has been so helpful around the house. He cleans a lot more than me. I'm a lucky girl!
 Our whole living room, Jason requested the mounted TV and his recliner. He received both- I figured that wasn't too much to ask since I have asked for lots more than that!
 This view is literally the reason we bought this house. All of the living areas are open so it's so so nice for entertaining and just feeling like a really big space.Not to mention we have a whole wall of windows that makes it beautiful when filled with natural light.

 We love our new purple love seat and I hope to do a photo wall here soon. 

The walk up the stairs. These light fixtures are on our "to upgrade" list, 
hopefully in the next 6 months.
Our little landing area. That's a linen closet straight ahead.
The landing looks down on the front door which is nice. It makes the house feel so open too.
This yellow room is currently a 2nd guest bedroom/storage. 
We hope to have it be a nursery one day!
Our guest bedroom. It's ready for visitors anytime! 
Although we have already had 3 sets and it has been a blast!

The guest bathroom. 

Our master suite. It's so relaxing and Jason and I picked up out everything together. We love having real nightstands and I love those lamps that I hunted for. I love having a bench at the end of the bed to put on shoes, etc.


This is my sink and makeup mirror. LOVE. The previous owner just remodeled the whole master bath this year. It is all granite and it's especially nice to each have our own space.

Jason's sink. That photo has since moved. lol.
It has a nice big tub that I have still yet to try out!

We love the tiled shower with the cool inlay.
Plenty of closet space for both of us. (Jason's side not pictured). I'm just very proud of my color coated clothes AND shoes. :)
We have a nice big (long) backyard. We have had a couple gatherings outside and it has been so fun for our friend's kids.
Jason loves his new grill that my parents bought us as a housewarming gift. We grill 2-3 time per week and love it. Thanks Dad and Carol!

Finally, our laundry/mud room. I have had fun getting this all organized.

That's it folks! We love it so much and are so happy to be settled!

-Kasee and Jason


  1. Oh my goodness, its BEAUTIFUL. I love every single thing about it.

  2. Love love love. It is perfect. Especially love the master bed and bath. So happy for you guys!

  3. LOVE IT!! It's so beautiful! So excited for you guys!

  4. Its so beautiful. I love how open and light it is. Congratulations you guys!

  5. I seriously LOVE everything about it and can't believe all the cute furniture you have already! Where were you hiding that stuff or did you purchase it all? Either way I am in LOVE! I want to see it in person one day!!

  6. I loved your house tour! You have such a cute knack for decorating. I like how you decorate with the things that you both love to do! So personal. I also love your cute furniture like the piece that holds your food blog stuff and the one in your dining room as well. Cute cute cute! Too bad you guys live so stinkin far away, I'd love to stay in that gorgeous guest room:)!!! Congratulations on your beautiful new house:)

  7. I LOVE it! Everything. So happy for you guys!!! Also, all of your lamps are awesome! and I love that you have a little blog working station- so nice :) I want to visit!

  8. What a dream!! It's absolutely gorgeous. I love your master suite and the kitchen/living area. So happy for you guys! And now we need to come visit!

  9. I just love it. I love all your colors and your decorating. You have such a charm and it is so you and you are just awesome! :)

  10. Your house looks fantastic! I love your laundry room! My name is heather and I wanted to know if you would answer a question about your blog! My email is Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com :-)

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