Friday, December 13, 2013

If you haven't seen already, Jason and I are expecting our first May 2014! We are thrilled and gradually coming to terms with the fact that it's real! It's been a long time coming and I'm finding that this pregnancy seems to be going slowly slowly slowly. I know things will start to fly by after the holidays and as we get closer but for now I'm so impatient! 

Right now, I'm 16 weeks pregnant and I really felt great until the past week (kind of opposite, right?). Now I'm getting lots of headaches that seem to be ruining far too many days for me this holiday season. Hopefully things will level out soon and they will subside but I've always been prone to bad headaches and Tylenol just doesn't seem to cut it! 

I'm starting to have a small bump but I think it looks like my normal stomach unless you know me well :) It's been a lot more fun though that everyone knows now and i can talk about it openly. 

We have an appointment to find out the sex next week and we are so excited (and impatient!) to find out what this little babe is. We have lots of names in the running and are loving talking about them. 

Of course I want to set up the entire nursery now but Jason has conceded to starting after the New Year. I can deal with that I guess! By then we will only be 4 months from baby! Crazy! 

Not sure if I have much more to say other than those random thoughts but thanks for all the love from family and friends and we can't wait to meet this little one and for this baby to start feeling more real!  

Here I am at 12 weeks not showing much but I'll try to update when we find out the gender with another belly shot!


-K and J


  1. Love! I'm so excited for you guys. I'm sorry about the headaches, I used to use peppermint oil on the back of my neck for really bad headaches, but I can't say that it helps much! Smelled good. And Dr Orth always told me to drink tons and tons of water, something about your blood pressure while you're pregnant. Anyway, I can't wait. My official guys

  2. My official guess is a boy. I trust Amelia's kidtuition.

  3. Dear Kasee, Jason and Baby Thomas,

    I just read your Father's email regarding you impending parenthood. Oh my most heartfelt congratulations. I pray for the Lord blesses you for the very best, a healthy baby. I know Wes and Carol are beside themselves with joy and thankfulness. You look too like you truly might have a cute little baby bump. Stay warm and safe the holiday season and enjoy every moment of your pregnancy. I and will pray you get relief from you headaches. Katherine and Monnie Ritchie

  4. I am jealous you get to find out the gender next week! We have to wait till after Christmas! And I was getting lots of headaches for a couple weeks too. Mine have gone away now so hopefully yours will soon as well, and just make sure to drink LOTS of water. My dr suggested taking tylenol with caffeine, though I haven't done that, but you could try it. And I can't wait to see a pic of your bump and find out the gender!

  5. Oh so so excited for you three! Can't wait to know what it is! You are looking great! Boo on not feeling well though, I hope it gets better!

  6. We are just SO excited for you! Good luck.